How To Pin Any Files/Folders To Windows 7 Taskbar

One of the greatest improvement in Windows 7 is the taskbar. You can now pin applications to the taskbar and launch it with a single click. There is also the jumplist where you can pin a file/folder/url/specific action to a particular application. When everything seems great, I have only one complaint. There is no options to pin a file/folder to the taskbar. You can only pin applications to the taskbar and add files/folders to the jumplist. What if you want to pin a file/folder to the taskbar?

If you have followed our previous example of creating a Show Desktop icon for Windows 7, I bet you are also wondering how to pin that icon to the taskbar just like any other application. Don’t worry, here’s the way to pin your favorite files/folders to the taskbar.

1. Open a notepad. Go to File -> Save As.


Save the file as ‘Show Desktop.exe’ in your desktop (you can give any name you want, but it must end with a .exe extension). Close the file.


2. Drag the Show Desktop.exe file to the taskbar. This will automatically pin it to the taskbar.


3. Right click on the pinned icon. Right click on its name and select Properties.


4. Change the target path to the file/folder that you want to pin. In this case, I am pointing it to the Show Desktop.scf file on my desktop.


5. Click Ok.

That’s it. As easy as that.

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  1. Windows 7 already has a show desktop icon on the taskbar.
    It's the slightly glowing rectangle to the right of the time.

  2. Yes, but that is on the right corner, different from the usual left that most people are used to. For most who want it back on the left, this is the way.

  3. How to change the icon to “Windows XP Show Desktop” icon pic.?

  4. You can follow the tutorial here (…) to create a show desktop icon and use the above tutorial to pin it to the taskbar. The Show desktop icon should appear automatically.

  5. How do you save the pinned items so they can be restored if some cleanup program clears them

  6. Tried a few other methods to add “show Desktop” icon to taskbar in Win7 and yours was the only one that worked. Brilliant – thanks-A

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