3 Free Online Tools to Turn Your Photos Into Sketches

4 Free Tools To Turn Your Photos into Sketch

Adding exquisite effects to your photos before uploading them on social networks has become the norm. With a good tool you can choose from hundreds of effects to make your photo completely out of this world. Sketch is a commonly used effect, and if you are looking to add this effect to your photos, then you are in the right place.

No, we are not going to turn your photos into sketches, but we will show you some awesome online tools that can do that. Below you will find three free tools that will let you add the sketch effect to your photos.

1. Picture to People

If you want to convert your photos into sketches online, then this is the best tool. Although Picture to People is a fully-featured image manipulation tool, it offers a feature-rich photo to sketch converter as well. It doesn’t offer any pre-made sketch effects; you will have full control over what type of sketch you use. Apart from the standard black and white sketch, it can also add a colored sketch effect of your choosing.


The customization options it provides include overall style, stroke style, contour thickness and darkness, dark regions and smart strokes. With the default settings it gives a very pleasing result (as seen below). So yes, even newbies can use this tool without worrying about the complicated options.


To create a colored sketch you can select a colorful background and change stroke color. You can experiment with the provided options and click on the “View Effect Result” button to see the results before downloading.


2. Pho.to

Pho.to is a great sketch effect adding tool that will let you add different types of pre-made sketch effects. It doesn’t offer any customization options like Picture to People, but you can choose from over fiffy different sketch effects.


Just select a sketch effect from the list, and upload your photo on the next page. You can upload photos from your PC, by using a URL or directly from Facebook.


Once the photo is uploaded, the sketch effect will be automatically be added after a short delay. By default, Pho.to also adds their watermark on the photo, but you can remove it for free using the “Remove watermark” button on the left of the photo. You can also further edit the photo using Editor.Pho.to which is a photo editing service offered by Pho.to.


3. PhotoFunia

If the above-mentioned tools seem a bit too much and you are looking for something simple, then try Sketch effect by PhotoFunia. Although PhotoFunia is your one-stop place for all types of photo editing, we will only be using its Sketch effect. The process is simple: just upload your photo and crop it (if you want). As soon as you are done cropping, a black and white sketch effect will be applied. It can’t get much simpler than that now, can it?


It doesn’t offer any customization options, and there is no support for color in this effect. However, its fast and no-brainer process may make it the first choice for many. I must also say that the sketch effect is really good, and I think you may not even need any customization options at all (check the picture below).



Turning your photos into sketch can make them look really cool. You can use any of the above-mentioned tools, and you should be able to convert your photos into sketch. I would recommend Picture to People if you want complete control. Although, the sketch effect provided by PhotoFunia is pleasing as well if you want something simple.

Karrar Haider

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