Free Giveaway: PhoneTrans Pro, Transfer Music From iPhone to Computer [Windows Only]

iTunes is a great music player, but when it is used to sync your iOS device, it is very limiting. While you can sync your document, photos, music, podcast etc from your computer to your device, you can’t sync your music back to your computer. This is where PhoneTrans Pro comes in. It allows you to transfer music and movies from your iPhone (and other iOS devices) to/from computer, iTunes library or between iOS devices. The best thing is, you can now get it for free.


PhoneTrans Pro only works in Windows. Before you install, you need to make sure that iTunes is already installed in your system. This will provide the necessary device driver for the various iOS devices.

Once you have installed PhoneTrans Pro and run for the first time, it will prompt you to plug in your device.


After you have plugged in your device, the interface will change to become very iTunes-like. On the sidebar is all the various media link while the main panel shows the device info.


From here, you can click on the “Music” link and it will load your device’s Music Library. You can then select the music and click the “to PC” button to transfer the music from your device to your computer.


You can also transfer the music back to iTunes, or if you have another iOS device connected, to that device’s music library directly.

Vice versa, you can click the “Import” button to add songs to your device, without the need of iTunes. This will also work for other media type, like movie, podcast, iBooks, TV shows etc.

Last, but not least, PhoneTrans Pro can also access your iTunes library and sync your iTunes library to your iOS device, bypassing iTunes totally.

Wrapping up

Knowing that you can’t sync your music back from your device back to your computer, or to multiple computers, having a software like PhoneTransfer Pro by your side is very handy as you never know when your computer will crash and lose all the songs you have collected over the years.

Free Giveaway

Thanks to iMobie who have kindly sponsor license keys for all of you, you can now enjoy the premium version (cost $29.99) of PhoneTrans Pro for free. Here is how you can participate:

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