PhoneClean Review

You probably have spent countless of hours playing with your phone, or even browse the web on the small screen. The result of this is often a bloated phone with plenty of cache, temporary file and history taking up precious space of your phone. PhoneClean is one great application that allows you to clean up your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. And since Christmas is coming, we have some free licenses to give away too.

PhoneClean is a simple application that allows you to clean up your phone with one click. Not only does it clean the cache, temporary file and history, it can also clear up your confidential data to prevent others from accessing it. PhoneClean is available for Mac and Windows. Once you have downloaded and installed on your computer, you just have to run it and connect your device to the computer. It will automatically detect your device and connect to it.


To get started, simply click the “Quick Clean” button, follow by “Start Scan”. This will scan your app caches, temp files, cookies, crash logs and history.


After the scan, you can then click the “Clean” button to clean up your phone, or choose and pick which file to delete/not to delete.


Other than the “Quick Clean”, you can also perform a “Deep Clean” which will include your call history, browser history, notifications, messages etc. As this involves more delicate files and settings, it will run a backup of your device first before it cleans them.


The “Toolbox” option comes with even more ways to clean up phone, including Contact Clean, Note Clean, Calendar Clean, Media Clean, Media Repair, App Clean and Photo Clean. Note that most of these options are available in iTunes, but it is still good to have them included in PhoneClean so you don’t have to switch between iTunes and PhoneClean to get the cleaning job done.


Lastly, there is a “Restore” option where you can restore your phone to an earlier state if the cleaning process messed up your phone.



Most people just use their phones without bothering to clean it up. Other than the loss of precious space, your cache and history could also contain confidential data that could be leaked without you knowing it. PhoneClean is a simple, yet useful tool that you can use to clean up your phone. The included backup and restore feature will also give you a piece of mind while deleting all those data.



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