What Do You Think of Phone Services Ending Two-Year Contracts?


Since very early in the mobile phone evolution, they started coming with two-year contracts. But more and more companies are ending this wanting to have you pay more every month instead. What do you think of phone services ending two-year contracts?

We all know how it worked. You’d sign up for a new two-year contract with a phone service and you’d get either a free phone or much cheaper phone along with your commitment. If you wanted a new phone, you had to either pay to break your contract or wait out the two-year commitment.

But now most of the major companies are leaving the two-year contracts behind. Instead of agreeing to your phone plan for two years and getting a phone along with it, you have the cost of the phone service and then pay for the phone on a monthly basis as well or pay for the phone outright on your own and bring it into the plan. The negative side has you paying more every month, but on the positive side, for a more expensive smartphone, you don’t have to come up with a reduced price upfront.

Are phone service companies doing the right thing by getting rid of the contracts? Or do you wish they would have stuck with the contracts as it benefits you more?

What do you think of phone services ending two-year contracts?

Image Credit: Kanon.ahammad via Wikimedia Commons

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