Do You Prefer Personalized Ads?

Do You Prefer Personalized Ads?

While it works great for advertisers, having personalized ads show up on websites and social networks can seem like a questionable business practice. Yet there are also some people who enjoy getting this type of advertising. Do you prefer personalized ads?

Google is the business accused most of using personalized ads. They collect personal data about you through their various apps and tools. Not only do they have control over your account data such as your address and email, they also collect the addresses you visit and/or look up, the items you search for, and the websites you visit. Google and other businesses then use that data to present you with personalized ads for what they think you would be interested in based on your data. Not everyone appreciates this though. While some people appreciate seeing ads geared toward their interests, others feel it’s shameful for a business to collect data on you just to lead to more business on their end. And yet others don’t mind the business practice, per se; they just don’t want anyone having control over their personal data.

What about you? Do you appreciate seeing ads that are geared towards your preferences? Or would you prefer that no one collect any data on you? Do you feel this is a shameful business practice?

Do you prefer personalized ads?

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  1. Advertizing is fukcing around with peoples mind to try make them buy something. uBlock is a bliss.

  2. Ads suck but so do fees. We’re not going to get content for free – you’ll always see ads. That’s just life (the except is seeing commercials in a movie theater. The point of paying for admission is seeing the film without ads!)

    So yeah, I like seeing ads catered to me. It beats seeing things I just don’t care about. I see Google Ads all the time that have nothing to do with me and it really frosts me (“See this trick billionaires are trying to keep secret!”). I’d much rather see ads catered to me personally (“See this trick that hackers are trying to keep secret!”).

  3. I admit I am baffled by the practice. That Google or Facebook makes so much money from advertising? When I go to any site, the ads that show on the left or right panes are invisible to me. I take no notice whatsoever. If by some miracle an ad actually caught my eye, my thought would be to never buy from that link. I would expect the link to be bogus, redirecting you to a malware hack. Usually the shallow attempts are comical, like see this “trick” as Dragonmouth mentioned. Are people so na├»ve? When I shop, I consider the source website. I typically drive right to the retailer’s site by typing the URL or having saved it in favorites. This way you know exactly how safe you are for a transaction. Check always that the retailer has https set for any check out. I have never seen a personalized ad, but I have the browser set to delete everything on exit, and I use DNT tools while browsing. My wife’s laptop on the other hand is wide open as she facebooks and my tools would impede that crapware from working. She tells me she never sees the FB ads, just goes right by them. I have been fascinated to look over her shoulder as the ads appear to be off target. Most are for stores she never shops at. Seems they don’t get it right even when they have full rein. In my opinion, the concept of profiling a person is a total loss of your freedom. And I would state that the last people on earth that should have a dossier on you would be senior executives of large stock traded companies like google or FB. This type of person would slit their grandmother’s throat for a stock bonus, so you should expect them to pimp you out. I can’t think of anyone quite as evil in this day and age. Heil Google!

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