How to Personalize the New Gmail App

The improvements that you’re currently seeing in the new Gmail app are something that you could have seen coming. A while back Google announced they were going to discard the Inbox app yet improve the Gmail app.

The new Gmail app is still easy to use, but now it has a different look. You might not find what you need in the places where you might typically find them. Let’s see how you can give the app your personal touch.

How to Add or Remove Categories

Just like with the desktop version, you can also add or remove the categories in your inbox. Tap on the hamburger icon at the top right and select settings. (It’s the second to the last option down.) Under the inbox section you’ll see the Inbox categories option.


Tap on it and check or uncheck what you want to see in your inbox, whether you want Social, Promotions,  Updates, or Forums. As long as you’re there, you can also choose to see starred messages.

How to Change the Layout of the Inbox

When you first start using the new Gmail app, you get to choose how you want the inbox to look. You can select from Default, Comfortable, or Compact layouts. If you’ve changed your mind and want to switch to another look, you can.

Tap on the hamburger icon and go to Settings. Select “General Settings” at the top, and tap on “Conversation list density.” You should see the options to switch to either Default, Comfortable, or Compact.


With the predetermined look, you can get a cleaner look and see fewer emails. The comfortable look was already available in the previous Gmail app, a great option if you’d rather stick with the classics. The compact look gives you precisely that, a more compact look with a more general look of your inbox.

How to Add a Mobile Signature on the New Gmail App

With the new Gmail app you can also give each of your emails your own personal touch. To add a signature, go to “Settings -> Choose account -> Mobile Signature.” A new window will appear where you’ll need to type your new signature.


As soon as you tap on the OK option, your new signature will be saved. Repeat the steps if you ever want to change your signature.

How to Use Auto-Reply in the New Gmail App

When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to do is waste time having to reply to emails. The new Gmail app lets you set up a reply that will go out to anyone who writes to you while you’re on vacation. To create an auto-reply for vacation, go to “Settings -> Choose account -> Vacation responder.”


Toggle it on, and you’ll need to set the time when the auto-responder will work. The first and last days of the auto-reply are the primary options at the top. Make sure to add the subject and the message. At the bottom you can choose only to send your auto-reply to your contacts.

How to Personalize Swipe Actions in the New Gmail App

It’s also possible to decide if the emails are archived by swiping either to the right or left. To personalize this, go to “Settings -> General Settings -> Swipe actions.” Once you set it up, tap on the blue change option to modify it.



Google has been making a lot of changes to its Gmail app. So far, the improvements have been useful, and hopefully, they will continue that way. What do you think of the new design?

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