Perfect Your Microsoft Office Skill with the Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle


Have you ever wanted to improve your Microsoft Office skill so you can get more job offers and land that dream job? While there are plenty of ways to do so, the Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle allows you to learn and improve your Microsoft Office skill at your own free time.

This bundle comes with 7 different courses and consist of over 200 hours of content that you can learn, and relearn at ease.

Here are the 7 courses:

1. Microsoft Excel Course

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheeting software on planet Earth, used by businesses in all types of industries to crunch numbers, organize data, and much more. This course comes with 38 lessons and 100 hours of video content for you to master in-depth data handling.

2. Advanced Microsoft Excel Course

This course will cover the more advanced usage of Excel, such as using of macros & VBA to automate your spreadsheets & increased interactivity.

3. Microsoft Word Course


Word has a huge range of accessible tools and secrets that can let you completely customize formatting, integrate charts and tables, and much, much more. This course puts you on the path to becoming a Word savant.

4. Effective Outlook Course

Using Outlook to send and receive emails is easy, but to make the most out of Outlook will require some expertise. This course teaches you how to manage tasks, schedules, and your inbox with Outlook so you can work as productively as possible.

5. PivotTable Course

This course will teach you to utilize PivotTables to analyze and present data quickly and easily. You’ll learn to manage data sets, big and large, and draw conclusions that’ll spur the success of whatever you’re looking accomplish.

6. SharePoint Course

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that is able to integrate with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite. This web-based document management and storage system makes sharing business information and collaborating internally a breeze. In this course, you’ll learn how to optimize SharePoint so you can add this powerful software to your resume.

7. Microsoft PowerPoint Course

Tired of creating plain, ugly and non-interactive presentation slides? This course will teach you how to optimize this program to create impressive, effective presentations that utilize a wide range of tools to communicate information clearly.

Get over 200 hours of content with the Microsoft Office Mastery Bundle. Get it at 97% off now!

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