Peloton Recalls 2.2 Million High-Tech Exercise Bikes

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Peloton, best known for making high-tech exercise bikes, issued a recall that affects more than 2.2 million machines. The fitness bikes feature a large LCD display for watching an online trainer and participating in classes. Through wireless technology, your exercise statistics, workouts and routines are viewable on the mobile app. However, it seems that Peloton Bikes Model PL01 isn’t as sturdy as it should be, forcing the company to recall it.

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Exercising Caution

Part of the PL01’s design features a seat connected to an upright seat post, which is adjustable according to the user’s height. But the bike’s seat post assembly has been known to break during use. This poses a serious risk of the user falling off and becoming injured. Peloton has received 35 reports of the post breaking and detaching. Injuries range from fractured wrists to lacerations and bruises.

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According to a statement, Peloton said the original exercise bike’s seat post “can break unexpectedly” and urged users to follow the recall instruction. “Peloton is offering a free replacement seat post to all US Peloton original Bike owners, which you can install at home without the need for a service call,” it said. The affected models were sold from January 2018 through May 2023 for $1,400 on Peloton’s website and at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

If you have the original PL01, you must immediately stop using it and go to the dedicated webpage to order your replacement part. It only requires your shipping address and takes about a minute to complete. Peloton stressed that it’s the only part of the bike that needs changing, and there is an informational guide on the page for how to install it.

The recall doesn’t affect international and North America Bike+ nor international Peloton original Bikes.

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