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PeersMe-1Emailing between two people is a convenient form of communication. You both have to lookout for each other’s messages in your inbox and everything remains organized. But when more than 2 people are involved, emails get forwarded, mass-replied, and your inbox gets filled with too many mails titled RE:SUBJECT.

Needless to say, that is not an effective way of communication. These group emails do not streamline communication as one would want them to. Here to help you with the process and deliver an alternative to group emailing is a tool called PeersMe.


PeersMe is a brilliant web service that lets you communicate with a group of your friends effectively. After creating an account on the site, you can invite friends to the network and start creating virtual waves of conversations. Each wave can be shared with a certain group of friends. Members of the wave can express themselves by attaching files, typing text, and embedding objects. With everything organized at the same place, group members have to problems keeping up with what is going on.


You can start using PeersMe after you create an account on the site. You first start by selecting a nickname for your subdomain. This will basically be the URL for your dashboard on PeersMe.


After the selection of your subdomain, you must validate your email address and then select name and password for yourself; you can cut short the latter step by logging in using your Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, or Google account.


The last step of the signup process requires you to select a ‘wave address’ – this address makes it easier for others to communicate with you on PeersMe.


With these options set, you are taken to your dashboard where you can see the waves you are a part of.


The preformed waves simply welcome you to the site. Before you start enjoying the site’s features, you can fill out your profile by uploading a picture, adding a description, and sharing your networking links – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Since this step is optional, you can skip it and start creating new waves using the green button in the top left. The newly created has a ‘+’ button next to your profile picture icon on top; use this button to invite others to your wave. On the wave itself, you can share messages that include embeddable objects, file attachment, simple text, and URLs.


Items in your message appear exactly how you placed them while constructing it.


People to whom the wave is visible can view your messages and respond accordingly, enjoying the same abilities to share files, embed objects, type plain text, and include web links.


The site is absolutely free to use if you are sharing your waves with up to 10 friends. To invite more people, you must opt for the site’s premium membership.

Final Thoughts

PeersMe offers an excellent new way to eliminate the confusion that rises from group emails. Furthermore it offers you the ability to embed objects – a feature absent in emails. In turn, not only do group members get a neater interface, they also get more ways to communicate with one another. For all these reasons, this site deserves two thumbs up!

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