Pebble Time Versus Apple Watch – Which One Is Better?

Pebble Time Versus Apple Watch - Which One is Better?

There has been a great deal of buzz surrounding the release of Apple Watch, the technology titan’s latest smart device. It is not, however, the first smartwatch on the market. Pebble has developed a new version of its wearable smart device, the Time Steel, slated to arrive in July. In order to know which smartwatch is best suited for your technology needs, we’ve reviewed both in terms of price, design and display, battery life, and functionality.


Apple’s sport version of its Watch will be available to consumers for $349, while Pebble’s updated Time Steel will start at $299. Pebble’s current smartwatch, Pebble Time, is comparable to the sport version from Apple and starts at a much lower $199. Pebble clearly provides more flexibility in pricing for wearables users.

Design and Display

Smartwatch with square display.

Both Apple and Pebble smartwatch options have similar square displays, but they differ in terms of thickness and size. Apple Watch is .41 inches thick compared to Pebble’s Time Steel that is .37 inches thick. However, the Apple Watch will come in two sizes – 1.5 by 1.3 inches and 1.7 by 1.4 inches. In addition to its screen design, each will come in various colors with complementing bands.

The Time Steel will be available in silver, gunmetal black and red, and comes with a metal band and leather strap. The Apple Watch will be available in stainless steel, black, anodized aluminum and gold, and users can choose from six strap options ranging from leather to stainless steel. The latest version of Pebble’s smartwatch will have a color e-paper display and be protected by glass, while the Apple Watch has a color touch screen that is anticipated to be much more vibrant.

Battery Life

Various types of batteries.

The greatest draw to the Pebble Time Steel is its long battery life. Creators have wowed consumers with a minimum three day life on a single charge, touting its ability to keep its juice for seven days. Apple Watch creators have given a less than impressive 18 hour battery life to their smartwatch, but only if used in moderation. The Pebble Time Steel champions the Apple Watch when it comes to sustainable battery life.

Functionality: Apps, Interface and Features

Pebble has been a clear winner among a large group of consumers because of its ability to work with both iOS and Android apps and synched devices, while the Apple Watch only works with its own software and smartphones. In addition, the Time Steel boasts it will have more than 6,500 apps available for its July launch, including numerous fitness, news and GPS players. Although the Apple Watch will not have as many available apps, it will provide users access to the staples like Instagram, OpenTable and Twitter.

The apps on the Apple Watch radiate from the center of its screen, displayed in circles. A touch of the finger or the digital crown can be used to navigate and zoom. The Time Steel allows users to see events for each day and apps using its three buttons on the side of the watch.


The greatest difference between the two wearables comes down to features – Pebble’s Time Steel will include a microphone but does not allow for calls, while the Apple Watch does allow a user to make calls. Additionally, AppleWatch will come with the ability to use Apple Pay for purchases as well as a heart rate sensor and accelerometer. The Time Steel falls a bit short in the features department. In conclusion, if you are looking for a cheaper smartwatch that supports both Android and iOS, then Pebble’s watch is for you. However, if you have the need for additional features like a heart rate sensor and own an iOS device, then Apple Watch might be suitable for you. This is definitely not conclusive as more and more smartwatches flood the market. For now, you can let us know in the comments below which smartwatch is your favorite and why.

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