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PDFs are useful for cross-platform compatibility, but they can be a pain to work with. If you want to edit in Word or include a PDF in a Powerpoint presentation, you have to convert it or use special software.

There are plenty of tools and websites that can do the job for you, but they have wildly different results and are sometimes locked behind a payment wall.

It’s very hard to find a service that can convert all your PDF files for free while still maintaining a high quality. Thankfully, I recently put PDF WIZ through its paces and found that its performance was very impressive.

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How Easy Is PDF WIZ to Use?

One of the best features of PDF WIZ is how easy it is to use. When I use online converters, they often have cluttered UIs and different options that may not work the way I want. Plus, who knows what’s going on in the back end — maybe the website is keeping tabs on everything I upload!

When I installed and booted PDF WIZ, I was pleased to see all of its features on one large, easy-to-scan page. Each section is divided up into subsections underneath, which allows for further refinement of what you want.

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Converting PDFs to Other Files

How does PDF WIZ fare when converting a PDF file into another format? To test this, I went a little harsh on the program and put through a complicated PDF file to see how PDF WIZ handled it. If you want to try along at home, the file I used was the “2019 Forcepoint Cybersecurity Predictions Report”.

When I converted this PDF to Word using PDF WIZ, it did a good job of keeping up with the complicated design. There were some visual oddities, but these appeared to be limitations of Word rather than PDF WIZ itself.

Pdfwiz Pdf Docx

Despite the weird visual problems, the actual text of the PDF file was totally readable. If you’re not worried about preserving the PDF’s design and want just the text, this converter works very well.

Things are more impressive with the Powerpoint conversion, as the program managed to replicate the PDF pretty spot-on. I wouldn’t feel bad about performing a presentation with it whatsoever!

Pdfwiz Pdf Ppt

Converting Word Documents into PDFs

For this, I downloaded a 1MB sample Word document which has a good amount of formatting and image usage. When I put it through the converter, it produced a PDF file that mirrored the Word document very well with only minor visual differences. As such, this makes PDF WIZ very useful for converting documents for a web-friendly PDF format.

Pdfwiz Docx Pdf

PDF WIZ’s Other Functions

As well as conversions, PDF WIZ can perform other PDF-related functions. For example, you can split a PDF into separate documents per page, merge two documents together, extract every image from a PDF file into a folder, and compress a PDF down. These all worked very well, and I was impressed with the scope this software could achieve.

A True Wiz

Overall, PDF WIZ really knocked it out of the park for me. It was totally free without any additional things to buy, no premium modes, and no usage limits under a subscription model. It was very easy to use and the results were better than some of the larger PDF converter websites I’ve seen on the Internet.

Simon Batt
Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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