PDF Expert 2.2 for Mac, the 2015 App of the Year

The 2015 app of the year works just as well as it did two years ago. It can and has revolutionized the way people work and collaborate with documents. While editing PDFs isn’t possible normally on a Mac, PDF Expert 2.2 for Mac will allow you to easily edit text, links and outlines on a PDF. You can fix typos, merge PDFs together, and even sign documents.
It’s currently rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1,400 ratings at the Mac App Store.

  • Edit text, images, links, and outlines on PDFs
  • Quickly read huge PDF files
  • Use numerous tools to annotate PDFs
  • Merge PDFs and sign documents
  • Fill out PDF forms such as applications, taxes, etc.
  • Share PDFs to iPhone, iPad, and Mac and share with clients or coworkers
  • Password protect private documents

Change the way you work with PDFs for less than $30.

PDF Expert 2.2 for Mac

Bonus: Sprinkl Conserve Smart Irrigation System


We need to do everything we can to save this planet. Every little bit helps. And you can do your part by using the Sprinkl Conserve Smart Irrigation System. With it, you will not only conserve water but will save money as well. By connecting it to your current irrigation system, you’ll gain control over the frequency and duration of your watering and can do it all from your smartphone.

  • Determine when to water and the amount of water by setting rules
  • Integrate with your local weather forecast to only water when it’s needed
  • Save up to thirty percent on your water bill
  • Use your smartphone to schedule and control your irrigation system
  • Get compliant by integrating with municipal water restrictions
  • Support weekly, biweekly, or even every three week watering cycles
  • Use just one interface to manage watering for multiple locations

Conserve water digitally for just $79.

Sprinkl Conserve Smart Irrigation System

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