Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle

Looking to learn about a career in web development but aren’t sure when it’s the right time? Why not now with this exciting deal that allows you to choose your own price.

With the Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle you can learn everything there is to know about developing an app, as well as PHP frameworks, ReactJS, JavaScript, jQuery, Flux, MongoDB, NodeJS, and HTML5. You can get as many of these eight courses as you want at a price that suits you. If the price you name beats the average price of that course, you’ll unlock even more and will get the entire bundle of eight courses. If your chosen price beats the leader’s price, you will earn an entry into a giveaway and will also be featured on the Leaderboard!

This bundle, a $476 value, includes the following eight courses.

The Full Stack Web Development Course – You’ll learn to handle every aspect of developing an app, from the front end to the back end, and will learn all the tools and techniques to become a Full Stack developer. A $100 value.

Projects in ReactJS: The Complete React Learning Course – You’ll be able to jump right into this JavaScript library that has changed the ways of front end development and has become the most in-demand front end tool. A $40 value.


Projects in JavaScript & jQuery – Complete ten projects in this course to gain practical experience in JavaScript & jQuery, two Facebook-created development tools. A $49 value.

ReactJS and Flux: Learn by Building Ten Projects – These two development tools were both created by Facebook to simplify coding, and you’ll learn both by building ten projects. A $50 value.

Projects in MongoDB: Learn MongoDB Building Ten Projects – Build ten projects with what has quickly become one of the most popular NoSQL database solutions as you learn to handle data more easily. A $69 value.

Projects Using PHP Frameworks – If you’re looking to get a complete grasp on multiple PHP frameworks and learn how they can be used to create interactive apps, this course can do that for you as you build ten functional projects. A $50 value.

Learn NodeJS by Building Ten Projects – Learn to craft lightweight, highly scalable apps using this popular open-source cross-platform development, as the course walks you through ten projects. A $69 value.


Projects in HTML5 – You’ll build ten projects – including apps, games, and websites – using HTML5 and JavaScript, two of the most advanced web programming languages in use today. A $49 value.

Get this entire bundle or just the apps your want for the price you want!

Pay What You Want: The Full Stack Web Development Bundle

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