Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2018 Bundle


Go from a beginner to a competent coder in several programming languages and libraries such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Node, React, Angular and more, with this comprehensive learn to code bundle. The best thing is, you decide on how much it is worth.

Here’s what is included in this Learn to Code 2018 bundle:

Complete Python Web Course: Build 8 Python Web Apps

  • Cover Python fundamentals, programming, and user interaction
  • Discuss how the Internet works, making web requests & parsing web pages to get data from using Python
  • Explore MongoDB
  • Create a blog where users can register and publish posts
  • Build a web app that will notify you when prices of items in online stores go down

How to Make a Freaking iPhone App: iOS 11 and Swift 4

  • Create a simple Emoji Dictionary to learn about TableViews
  • Explore Core Data by creating a to-do list
  • Learn to work w/ the camera by making an app that catalogs collections
  • Record sounds using the microphone and play them back
  • Use 3D animation to make an airplane move around in real life
  • Build an app that tries to detect the subject matter of any image
  • Use Firebase to make a simple version of Snapchat
  • Work with maps by making a clone of Pokemon Go

JavaScript for Beginners

Learn JavaScript through whiteboard videos, coding in the browser, and building a website.

  • Take advantage of Google Chrome developer tools to put the JavaScript you’ve learned into practice
  • Cover the building blocks of JavaScript
  • Discuss objects, arrays, functions, loops and conditionals
  • Explore functional programming

The Complete PHP MySQL Professional Course


  • Cover regular expressions
  • Build a complete contact form and dynamic web pages
  • Perform CMS-based employee management
  • Get started with the Bootstrap Framework from scratch without using any Bootstrap template
  • Use PHP Sessions in a more sophisticated way

Learn React by Building Real Projects

  • Learn React from scratch
  • Filter data effectively
  • Work with forms
  • Break down layouts with components

Programming for Complete Beginners in C#

  • Create real, live applications that run on the console
  • Declare and manipulate variables
  • Learn how to create methods for code reuse and readability
  • Write your first Hello World program
  • Understand why C# is today’s must-learn programming language

The Complete Java 9 Masterclass: Beginner to Expert

  • Learn Java keywords, lingo, and other basic fundamentals
  • Install all the tools you need in order to run Java like IntelliJ, Java libraries, and more
  • Explore Java Object Oriented Programming so you can reuse code and write truly scalable and efficient code
  • Discover the JavaFX library and build amazing user interfaces

Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node


  • Cover HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4, and more
  • Discuss DOM manipulation and NPM
  • Learn Node, REST, Express, ES6, MongoDB, and React

Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

Learn Angular in 10 hours.

  • Learn about fundamentals of TypeScript and object-oriented programming
  • Understand how to display data and handle events
  • Build reusable components
  • Manipulate the DOM using directives
  • Format data using pipes
  • Create template-driven and reactive forms
  • Consume HTTP services and handle HTTP errors properly

Introduction to R Programming

  • Get introduced to the R Studio and programming concepts like variables, vectors, arrays, loops, and matrices
  • Visualize data using R’s base graphics
  • Learn the fundamentals of univariate and bivariate analysis, computing confidence intervals, interpreting p values, and working with statistical tests
  • Perform a full-scale data analysis project

Normally, all the courses in this bundle have a combined $1,479 value, but you can get them at a price of your choosing for a limited time. You can buy just one of the included courses or all four of them to become a true master and can do so at a price of your choosing. If the price you name beats the average price of that course, you’ll unlock even more and will get the entire bundle. If your chosen price beats the leader’s price, you’ll earn a giveaway entry and will be featured on the Leaderboard!

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2018 Bundle

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