Pay What You Want: Complete Developer Bundle

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the instruction that you really wanted for a price that you really wanted to pay? That’s exactly how it works with this developer course bundle.

With the Pay What You Want: Complete Developer Bundle you literally pay what you want to for the instruction you need to become a developer. If the price you choose beats the average price, you will unlock even more courses and get the entire bundle. If your price makes it onto the Leaderboard at any time during the sale, you will gain an entry into an exclusive giveaway. If you reach the top of the Leaderboard, you’ll gain five entries! There is literally no reason to not get in on this deal if you’re looking to learn about web design, app design, game design, or basic WordPress.


The five great courses in this bundle include the following.

Web Design Course – You may know some web design, but this course takes you beyond the basics to become a professional designer. Start with learning HTML and CSS, and then apply them to specific industries, integrate your work into social media, and utilize SEO.

  • Twenty hours of instruction through eighteen lessons
  • Learn HTML5, CSS3, and advanced WordPress templating
  • Learn design specifically for e-commerce, SEO, and social media
  • Interactive exercises that include a locally-hosted HTML emulator
  • Access to downloadable editable files such as wireframes
  • Test yourself to calculate your proficiency

App Design Course –  In just a few weeks you’ll be building and designing your own iOS or Android apps. You’ll learn the major platforms for developing apps for both Android and Apple.

  • Fifteen hours of instruction
  • Expert instructors with real life experience
  • Learn source code form the instructor’s app Alice for the iPad
  • Tips covering design, programming, and marketing
  • Add your app to Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • Start with your idea and develop your app from scratch
  • Learn Apple’s Xcode and Android SDK

Game Design Course – Learn to create your own mobile game with Unity 3D from a course taught by experts in the field. Discover what goes into coding, designing, and deploying a game from scratch

  • Fifteen hours of expert instruction
  • Instructors include the co-founders of multiple award-winning games studios
  • Instead of just theory, learn from real experience and success
  • Discover the history, climate, and principles behind game design
  • Use Unity 3D to create, program, and refine your mobile game
  • Get your game included in Apple, Google, and Windows app stores
  • Understand the different platforms
  • Learn how to test and deploy games


Basic WordPress Course – Learn the basics of this powerful publishing tool behind twenty percent of the Web. WordPress will give you the flexibility to get a web page going quickly even with no experience. You’ll even learn to customize a page with handwritten code.

  • Twenty hours of instruction
  • Create a website that will give you complete control
  • Install and set up a WordPress account
  • Learn the basics of managing content
  • Discover how to maintain and update your site
  • Incorporate crucial plug-ins into your site

Pick the course your want and pay what you want!

Pay What You Want: Complete Developer Bundle

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