How to Password Protect Your USB Drive Without Administrator Privilege

Password protecting my USB drive is often the most important thing that I do when I went on travel. With all the confidential information in the USB drive, the last thing that I want to see is to lost it and have others to access all my precious data.

There are several others encryption software out there, but the one that worked well for me, and apparently free and does not require any administrator privileges is Rohos Mini Drive.

What Rohos Mini Drive does is to create hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive memory. When you plug in your USB drive, you won’t get to see the hidden partition. Only when you run the Rohos application (within the USB drive) and enter your password, then will the hidden partition appear. Since the Rohos application does not require access (or modification) to the computer’s system, it doesn’t require any administrator privileges to run it. This is great for those who need to access their encrypted data on a public computer that they don’t have administrator access to.

Installing Rohos Mini Drive

The initial step to create an encrypted USB drive requires you to install and run the application in your own computer. This will require administrator privileges.

Download Rohos Mini Drive (Windows only).

Double click the application to install it in your computer.

Once the installation is done, insert in your USB drive. You don’t have to reformat the drive, but you have to make sure that there is enough space to create the new partition.

Open the Rohos Mini Drive application from the Start menu.

In the main window, click Setup USB Key


Rohos Mini Drive will proceed to detect your USB drive. Click Change to edit the partition configuration.


In the configuration window, you can configure the Disk letter that the hidden partition to be mounted to, the encrypted partition size (maximum 2GB), the file system type and the encryption algorithm. The last thing is to point the installation location to your USB drive. The encrypted file will come with a .rdi extension.

Click OK to proceed.


Back to the USB Key Creation window, enter your password and make sure that it is a safe one. Click Create Disk.


Encryption completed.


Now open your Windows Explorer and navigate to your USB drive. You should see only the Rohos Mini application (which was not there originally).


Double click the Rohos mini application. Enter the encryption password when prompted.


You should now see your hidden partition prompted in the drive letter that you have chosen earlier.


You can install all your portable apps or store your confidential data on the hidden partition now.

What other software do you use to encrypt your USB drive?

Damien Damien

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  1. Hi – Have you really used this software? It will only give read access when running it from a USB drive from another computer.

    I am desperate to find a password utility for my USB which really does run away from the original machine and with no administrator privileges.

    1. Yes. I have tried it on other computer and it works fine for me. I can read/write to the USB disk

  2. Hey, guys. Rohos Mini has new feature while working on another computer – File Virtualization. Cool!

  3. Is there something that will not encrypt a partition but just hide it unless a password is entered?

    I don’t need heavy encryption security, I just need to hide folders from inexperienced users.

    1. Hi there

      I was looking for software which will secure USB drive (no software require on the PC, no admin privileges)
      Here they are:

      USB secure
      Safe House
      USB Flash Security
      Rohos Mini Drive (2GB max)
      SensiGuard (you have to take the file out of the vault to work on it)
      Pen Protect
      Steganos Safe
      Gilisoft USB Stick Encryption (didn’t work for me)

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