Page Eraser Lets You Remove Unnecessary Objects from Web Pages

While a lot of websites provide compelling content, many of them are just too hard to navigate. Some websites are rife with obtrusive sidebars, headers, and other objects that hinder your user experience. An excess of obtrusive objects makes many websites almost impossible to navigate. What if you could remove unwanted objects from the websites you regularly visit? A simple chrome extension known as Page Eraser may just be an ideal solution to this problem.

What is Page Eraser Really?

As its name implies, Page Eraser is an application that allows you to remove various objects from a web page. It removes a variety of objects such as images, text, and sidebars. Some websites have objects that you may find irritating. By using Page Eraser, you can easily remove the objects that are taking up unnecessary space. The removal of superfluous objects allows you navigate your favorite websites with much more convenience. Since the pages have fewer objects, they will load much faster.

How to Use Page Eraser

Page Eraser is a relatively simple app to use. Once you have installed Page Eraser, you will see its icon on the top-right side of the screen near the address bar. To use it, simply click the “Page Eraser” icon.


After clicking the “Page Eraser” icon, you will notice that it is marked as “on”. This indicates that you are ready to start removing needless objects from the webpage.


To remove unnecessary objects, simply drag the mouse over the object you want removed. As the cursor hovers over the object, you will notice that the object is highlighted red. The red highlight indicates the object you are about to remove. Now, simply click your mouse once – and poof! – the object is gone.


Even when you restart the web page or your browser, the objects will still be gone. This is useful because you won’t have to constantly remove the same objects over and over again. However, what if you want these objects back? You can get them back by removing the website with blocked objects from Page Eraser’s database. To do this, right-click the “Page Eraser” icon and click “Options.”


Under the “Erasers” section, choose the websites you want to remove from the database and click “Remove Selected Erasers.”


Above the “Erasers” section, you will notice that you also have the options to change the cursor styles of Page Eraser and how removed objects behave when you access the web page. For example, disabled objects may disappear immediately or fade out each time you visit the web page. By default, disabled objects fade out to remind of you which objects are disabled.

Is Page Eraser Worth Your Time?

Is navigating through cumbersome websites worth your time and effort? Most likely not. With just two clicks, Page Eraser makes it possible to get rid of redundant content. Because it is simple, quick, and effective, Page Eraser is definitely worth trying. This is an ideal app for users that regularly visit websites that have a lot of multimedia and objects that take up unnecessary space and bandwidth.

Download Page Eraser for Chrome and Firefox.

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