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Your mobile phone is a digital extension of your life, keeping all your memories, apps, and important documents safe. When something goes wrong with your device, it can leave you in a seriously bad situation. That’s the daily fear many Pixel phone owners had to deal with recently, as an update to the Google app drained batteries much faster than normal, with some phones dangerously overheating.

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Feeling the Heat

Owners of Google’s Pixel 6 and 7 phones noticed that their devices inexplicably drained the battery quicker than before, with some claiming the overall available power had been halved. Others noted the rapid discharge was accompanied by their phones overheating, and on a few occasions, the devices switched off. After complaints on several forums, it turned out that the issue with Pixels overheating was due to recent updates to the Google app and Android earlier this month. 

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Google has now rolled out a fix for the affected phones and briefly explained what happened. “We have received reports of Android devices becoming overheated and seeing accelerated battery drain. We identified the root cause of the issue being a recent Google app backend change that unintentionally resulted in these issues,” it said in a Reddit post.

Luckily for many users, the fix doesn’t require an Android operating system or app update, as the issue was corrected internally on Google’s infrastructure. However, it seems that there are potentially more problems with updates that Google hasn’t addressed yet.

Replying to the Reddit thread, one user asked if Google could also provide a “fix for the cell service drop after the March update.” Another user replied to the comment, saying, “I thought that was just happening to me! It’s been super annoying over the last month.”

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