OtterBox to Pay Up to $150 If You Replace Your iPhone Screen

Tired of living with your cracked screen?

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Most of us have lived through the horrors of a cracked phone screen. One company is making the process a little easier for us. OtterBox is offering to pay up to $150 toward having your iPhone screen replaced if you use one of the company’s Amplify or Alpha screen protectors, only to have it not work.

Cracked iPhone Screen Issues

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t lived through a cracked phone screen. Many just live with the cracked screen rather than go through with a costly replacement or do without their phone for an hour or two while it’s being repaired.

I have a crack going through the corner of my iPhone’s screen protector. I’m not sure whether the phone screen underneath is affected as well. I’ve decided to live with it for now. I don’t want the hassle, and I also fear that if I remove the screen protector, the screen underneath will crack even if it hadn’t been cracked before. It’s not pictured here, though, as the crack doesn’t photograph well.

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This has always been a big issue with Apple, as it doesn’t want users going outside the company to get it repaired. If you tried to replace your screen at one of those small pop-up places, an annoying message would pop up on the screen. There’s also the issue with the warranty and Apple Care. You could invalidate the warranty if you try to do some repairs yourself.

Not too long ago, Apple opened up to allow repairs by independent service centers, then opened to “Self Service Repair.”

But not everyone has the mechanical know-how to use a small set of tools and repair a screen. They’re left facing Apple repair and not having their phone for a few hours or even a few days.

OtterBox Protection Program for iPhones

This is where OtterBox jumps in with a great marketing idea. The company offers cases and screen protectors to protect phones and screens. To convince iPhone users to try OtterBox, the company launched OtterBox Protection Program.

“We know a cracked phone screen can be more than a small setback,” said Jim Parke, OtterBox CEO, in a press release. “OtterBox seeks to keep you connected to people, places, and moments that matter most. Our robust limited lifetime warranty program already covers your case and screen protector, and the OtterBox Protection Program extends that protection to your device screen as well.”

Otterbox Replace Iphone Screen Protection Program
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This program extends to iPhone users who buy the OtterBox Amplify or Alpha Glass screen protectors. They’re designed to keep screens free of shattering and scratches. Ostensibly, your OtterBox screen protector should last, as they’re meant to last a lifetime.

Users buy one of the two screen protectors and register on an app to track the proof of purchase. If you have a break, file a claim to replace the product. OtterBox will then reimburse you – up to $150 – for the cost of replacing the screen protector or repairing the screen. This warranty lasts for one year.

These screen protectors cost $44.95 to $54.95, with an option of adding on the OtterBox Protection Program. You can certainly buy a screen protector for much cheaper on Amazon or similar, but you don’t get the same protection for your phone or screen protector.

If you’re unsure whether your phone is even under warranty, it may help to do a warranty check.

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