How to Organize Photos on Your iPhone

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The Photos app on an iPhone is an incredible place to keep your growing library of memories. Thanks to the rise of smartphone cameras, millions of photos are captured every minute of every day. Even as your iPhone automatically organizes photos and videos by date, you can do better, much better. Organizing your own photos makes it infinitely easier to find and relive your favorite memories or show off your child’s first loose tooth. So what is the best way to organize your iPhone? Albums. So first things first, let’s get started with your first album.

1. Create an Album

How To Organize Photos Iphone Create

Getting started with albums couldn’t be any easier. Just open the photos app and look at the top left of the screen where you’ll see a “+” button and tap it. iOS will ask you if you want to create a “new album” or a “new shared album.” The choice is yours, but for most people, the former makes the most sense. Enter the name of your album and then hit “save.” That’s all there is to it as the album is created and easily accessed via the album tab (second from right) on the Photos app.

2. Add to an Album

Once your album is created, adding photos or videos is incredibly easy. If you didn’t add material right when you started the album, don’t worry. Go back into the album and hit “Edit” at the top right. You’ll now see an option for “Add” near the bottom, click that. You can now select any image or video from the entirety of your photo collection on your iOS device and add it to the album.

How To Organize Photos Iphone Add More

Add as few or as many photos as you’d like, there’s no limit. Albums can be created for just about anything, whether it’s a trip, place, people or your pets. It’s even easy to add photos to an album later on. Select the photos you’d like to add to an existing album, and in iOS 12 and 13, hit the “upward arrow in the box” icon and select “add to album.” You can do this as often as you’d like.

How To Organize Photos Iphone Add To Album

3. Album Ideas

By now there should be total clarity on how to create an album and add photos to it. Learning those steps is just the beginning, as there are even more ways to utilize albums to stay organized!

  • Create a weekly album so they are easy to refer back to. This way you’ll never forget where a photo is and you don’t have to scroll back through hundreds of photos just to find a single one.
  • If creating a weekly album seems like too much, go with the monthly option. It’s just as simple, yet still fairly basic. It will help you stay organized without the worry that you’re being too organized.
  • Yearly albums might seem like a stretch, but for many, it’s a perfect solution. Maybe you want to remember the first year of your baby’s life or their first year in school. Creating an album for this purpose will help you quickly locate these memories any time you want to feel nostalgic.

4. Don’t Forget Favorites!

How To Organize Photos Iphone Favorites

There is no question that when it comes to photo organization on the iPhone, albums get all the attention. Don’t forget about the favorites option so you can quickly identify the photos that mean the most to you. Every time you open an image in the Photos app, at the mid-bottom of the screen is a heart. The first time it’s clicked on a new iOS device, the Favorites album is created. It’s here that you can save your absolute most treasured photos or videos for quickly finding and showing off to your friends, family or colleagues. Don’t get too stressed about adding photos here. Instead, make sure you keep it light and only add the most important images in your collection.


If organizing photos on the iPhone seems super straightforward, that’s because it absolutely is. Everyone from Grandma to kindergarteners can quickly set up an album and add images within seconds. There’s no formal training required and it’s about as intuitive as you’d expect it to be from Apple. What’s your favorite way of organizing photos on your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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