5 Useful Ways to Organize Photo Albums on Android

Taking a picture is pretty easy. We always have our phone with us so we tend to just snap a picture whenever we want. Digital photography has made us picture hoarders. We will snap a picture of anything just because we can. Because we really have no limits on the number of images we can take, we end up with an unorganized mess of images. Sometimes you really need external help to properly organize photo albums on Android.

One of the ways you can sort your images is by the date. Remembering what you named the album a picture is in might be hard sometimes. However, you might be able to remember the month the picture was taken. Smart Album is a photo calendar. Instead of sifting through the endless albums to find a generically labeled image, you can look for it on the calendar. Smart Album has a few different views. You can see all of the images in albums, all of the images taken in a specific month or even more specifically, the day of the month. This makes it easier to locate a picture.

Picasa is a pretty decent online picture gallery. It syncs with your Android and you can have your images automatically uploaded when you take them.  Tool for Picasa, Google+ Photo helps you easily manage these images right from your phone. Aside from being able to manage your albums once they are uploaded, you can also tinker with the images before you upload them. Using something like Tool for Picasa, Google+ Photo or a similar app would require a little effort on your part. Before the images are uploaded, do a small amount of organizing and it will save A LOT of time later on.


Similar to Tool for Picasa, Google+ Photo, Photo Manager for Facebook lets you manages your images on Facebook. Anyone who has tried to do anything but upload images to Facebook from your Android knows it is time wasted. By having an app specifically designed for the purpose of image management, you will have a fighting chance and completing the task. You will gain the ability to upload to a specific folder and download images from your Facebook account easily. Photo Manager for Facebook also helps you see all of your images and friends images easier and a little quicker than the Facebook app allows. While it seems simplistic, sometimes it feels like Facebook holds your pictures hostage once they are uploaded.

Pictures we take represent a time in our life we want to capture forever. Mint Album gives you four different categories for albums. You select the images to go into the album. So far this isn’t anything special. The added feature is the reminders of dates. For example, if you took pictures of your spouse at your anniversary party. You can add photos from the party and you will be reminded of the anniversary automatically. Great for birthdays and other recurring events. Other album options are baby, travel and basic. All are useful for sorting your images into more searchable folders.


One way to organize pictures on your Android is to hide some of them. Photo Locker can help you keep some images out of plain sight but still accessible on your device. Not all of the images on our phones are okay for everyone to see. Parents might not want their kids to see the funny pictures they took at the holiday party where the neighbor had a little too much to drink. Photo Locker lets you hide multiple images at once, hide the app itself from the app drawer (in the paid version). Another cool thing you can do with Photo Locker is locking folders within the app. This allows someone to get into the app and see you have several folders in there, just not access them without your PIN number.


No matter how you organize the images on your phone, the task is a lot easier if you keep up on it. When the number of images to organize gets bigger, having an app to organize your photo album in Android will make getting back on track a lot easier. Finding the right app might take some trial and error to find the right one to fit your needs. I have seen some apps that don’t actually move the images. Instead, the app makes duplicates and puts those in a new folder. Take your time in deciding.

What do you use to organize your photo album in Android ?