Organize Chrome Extension Buttons to Suit Your Preferences

Organize Chrome Extension Buttons to Suit Your Preference

Chrome extensions are awesome, and you can find an extension for almost any functionality in the Chrome Web Store. However, most extensions come with a quick toolbar button that is added next to the Chrome URL field. If you are using many Chrome extensions, you will find your toolbar flooded with extension buttons, making it untidy and confusing.

Fortunately, Chrome makes it very easy to organize these buttons according to your needs. You can change their position or simply hide them from view to keep things clean. Let’s check out how you can organize Chrome extension buttons and focus on what matters most.

Changing a Chrome Extension Button’s Position

By default, Chrome adds the newly added extension buttons on the extreme right of the toolbar. This makes it hard to find the most used extension buttons between other less important buttons. You can change the position of the extension buttons to your liking. For example, you can put all the frequently used buttons at the extreme left or right of the toolbar.

To do so, simply click and hold on the extension button that you would like moved, and move the mouse to freely move the extension button. Move to the desired location, and click to place it there. Repeat the process to organize all Chrome extension buttons.

Organize-Chrome-Extension-buttons-Move button


Hide an Extension Button in the Chrome Menu

Not all of the extension buttons are useful or frequently accessed. Additionally, most extensions also add an entry in the context menu, so you don’t need the extension button for those. If you don’t want to see an extension button in the toolbar, move it to the Chrome menu.

Right-click on the extension button, and select “Hide in Chrome menu” from the context menu. The extension button will be added in the Chrome menu in a grid manner. You can also grab and drop the extension button in the Chrome menu if it seems easier. The buttons in the Chrome menu can also be rearranged just like the buttons in the toolbar.



Hide Extension Buttons in the Chrome Menu in Batch (Restore as Well)

You can also quickly hide all the Chrome extension buttons in the Chrome menu and restore them. For this, move all the Chrome buttons to the right side of the toolbar that you would like to hide. Now hover your cursor at the extreme end of the address field, and your cursor icon should change to a “two-way arrow.” Click and hold here, and move the address bar to the right side to start hiding all the extension buttons on the right side into the Chrome menu. You can do this to quickly hide all the buttons if you like.


Organize-Chrome-Extension-buttons-buttons hidden

Organize-Chrome-Extension-buttons-extension buttons-in-Chrome-Menu

You can also move the address bar to the left side to quickly restore all the hidden buttons in the Chrome menu. However, it should be kept in mind that restoring the buttons using this method will also restore buttons that you have manually added in the Chrome menu.



Google Chrome is liked for its minimalist design, and its plethora of extension buttons just make it look messy. Use the instructions above and keep things simple like they should be. If you have any other tips regarding Chrome extension buttons, do let us know in the comments.

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