Organise Your Life With These 3 Simple Note Taking Apps [Android]

They say that the best camera is the one you always have with you. Similarly, the best notebook is also the one always present with you. Although I prefer taking notes by hand, my Android phone is the device which I am always carrying with me and so, my default note-taking device is a combination of my Samsung Galaxy SII and a variety of different apps. In my experience, I have encountered two types of note-taking apps. Firstly, you have the “simple” note taking apps that are basically just barebones notepads. There are also more “advanced” types of notepad apps that include a greater number of features. In this article, I will outline three different “simple” note taking apps.

1. AK Notepad

AK Notepad is a one of my favourite note-taking apps as it straddles the line between being simple and having a variety of features. When you first launch it, all you see is a blank screen with an obvious “add note” field.

notes-aknotepad (1)

Creating a note is a breeze and you can even add #hashtags if you wish to label your notes for better organisation.


The note will then show up in your main list and the #hashtag you added will show up in the labels screen.

notes-aknotepad (4)

If you wish to have quick access to your notes you can also pin it to your home screen. This is a feature I use a lot when I want to be reminded of upcoming appointments and tasks.


If you dive into the Settings menu, you will see a lot of customisation options where you can change the colour of the notepad, the font of the text, and its size. You also have the ability to add a password, and the option to import/export your notes.


Finally, AK Notepad also has a feature that allows you to sync your notes to the cloud using Catch Sync. The service is fairly seamless, but for the purpose I use AK Notepad, i.e. taking a few short notes, it is not necessary for them to be synced.

2. Notepad

If you are looking for something even simpler in a notepad, then you can’t go wrong with the aptly named Notepad. Like AK Notepad, it features a simple launch screen that prompts you to select “menu” to add a note. It would be easier if there was a big “add note” button, but this works as well.

notes-notepad (2)

Adding a note and saving it is painfully easy as well.


Aside from a search option, that’s it! There aren’t any labels, folders, sync options or anything like that. This app is as basic and barebones as it gets.

However, you can customise the text size and note viewing options.


3. InkPad Notepad

InkPad Notepad is a newer app which focuses on syncing and backing up your notes, and with a fairly simple interface. Before you can start jotting down your thoughts, you must sign into InkPad using your Google Account.


Like the other two note-taking apps mentioned above, creating a note in InkPad is quite straightforward, simply hit the “+” sign to create a new note.


Once you have created your note, you will be prompted to sync it with the InkPad server.


You can now access the note online via (by logging in with your Google Account).

There are also a number of backup and sync options you can customise from the settings menu.



My all-time favourite note taking app is AK Notepad. I have been using it practically since I got my first Android phone in mid-2009. At the time, it was a simple app for jotting down my thoughts and in 2-years it has released numerous updates, but has not changed significantly (which is a good thing), despite being bought out by If you want something really simple, then give Notepad a shot. Lastly, if you need a stable method of syncing your notes, I would recommend InkPad Notepad.

Next week, we will discuss about the more “Advanced” note-taking apps for Android.

Which notepad app do you use for your Android phone?

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  1. ColorNote has been my goto notepad.

  2. Cool. I’ve always used Epistle. It works great & is synced/stored with dropbox
    ( )

    1. Yes, I used Epistle too. Other than note taking, it doesn’t comes with any other feature. The only (and the best) feature is the ability to sync with Dropbox. To me, that is priceless.

    2. Gosh I had completely forgotten about Epistle! It’s a great app, but like Damien points out it has no other features.

      1. true, no advanced features but i guess that’s why i like it – simple yet effective.
        this is why having choice is so great :)

    3. My only notetaking app on Andorid. Would have awesome if it could sync to Simplenote which I use on web and PC (via Resoph Note) but that’s fine. I bridge Dropbox and Simplennote with a little work around :-)

      I may actually remove both ColorNote and (even) Astrid from my phone if only Epistle had GTD ability.

  3. Thanks! I recomend another note taking app more professional “Beesy” but I don’t know if it’s also on Android.

    To check…


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