How to Organise Your Contacts on Any Android Device

It’s entirely natural that you have a long list of contacts on your Android phone. The problem is that it’s easy to get your contacts all mixed up if you don’t organize them from the start.

You have contacts from work, family, friends, acquaintances, etc. Having all those different types of contacts can turn into a real mess if you don’t organize them. By having them coordinated, they will be easier to find, saving you some valuable time.

How to Only See Certain Contacts

You can easily organize your apps by using the Contacts app itself. This is a great option if you’re running low on storage and can’t install any more apps.

Open the Contacts app and tap on More on the top-right corner. Tap on the “Contacts to display” option and choose what type of contacts you want.


If you have more than one Google account, you can choose a contact list from a particular account or apps. You will see apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and maybe even sub-sections within that list.

If there isn’t an account option, select Accounts from the More menu. You should see all of the apps you’ve installed on your phone that have contacts integration. Choose any entry on the list and select Add account so you can import contacts from another source.

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts

The reason why your contact list is so long is you probably have one friend with various entries. For example, one entry could be his current email address, another his old email address, etc.

To merge all the entries you have of the same person, open the Contacts app and go to Settings. Under the section “Manage and back up contacts,” the third option down will be “Merge duplicate contacts.”


Tap on the option, and you’ll see all your duplicate contacts. Tap on the All box on the top-left corner, then tap on the “Merge” button.

Organize Your Contacts by First or Last Name

There’s really not a right or wrong way to have your contacts displayed. They can either appear by their first or last name, and that’s something you can easily do in the stock Contacts app.

Just like the other organizing methods, go to Settings, and under the Display section you’ll see the “Sort by” option. Tap on it, and a small popup window will let you choose to organize by first or last name.


Even though you might have John Smith under “J,” you’ll see the last name first, despite it being under your “J” contacts. You can also choose Name format, but all that does is add a comma and places the name either by first name and then the last or vice versa.

 Organize Your Contacts into Groups

You want to call a co-worker, but first you have to find the contact in the sea of contacts you have. You might only have five contacts that are from work on your phone, so it would be a lot easier if you had them in a separate group.


You can do that by opening the Contact and tapping on the Groups option at the top. If you created any groups, you should see them there. If not, tap on “Create” at the top-right. Give your group a name, a ringtone and start adding members.


When you have all your contacts nicely organized, they are easier to find. That results in you saving some valuable time.

Now that you know you have these options to organize your contacts, you have no excuse not to take advantage of it. How do you keep your contacts organized? Drop a comment and share your thoughts.

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  1. Some time ago i did ‘merge all’ with my contacts but failed to check them as i went along. I found that everyone with the same landline number had merged. This meant that in a family of 5 only the first alphabetical name appeared together with the address and 5 mobile numbers.
    Don’t rush it the way i did!

  2. I have merged my contacts the same way but didn’t check whether they all are same or different numbs of same person.Can I separate them again?

  3. The group option doesn’t exist in contacts… Where did you find this??? It would be amazing ng to have back

  4. I have a (should be simple?) question about GROUPS in Contacts & can not find an answer anywhere.
    I’ve been looking, reading & researching for the past 2 hours but to no avail.
    All of my Contacts are just fine, they are already in alphabetical order. That’s not my problem, but it is somewhat similar.
    My only question is “How can I sort/rearrange my “Groups” list so it is in alphabetical order?”
    Sincerely, Shelly

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