How To Open Your Web Links In New Tab In iPhone’s Safari Browser

When you are surfing the Web, opening URL links in a new tab is often the best and efficient way to navigate between sites and not to lose focus on the current one. When I am doing research for my writing, I depended heavily on the tab functions of the browser. However, when I am on my iPhone, I am often frustrated by the fact that mobile Safari does not allow me to open a URL link in a new tab. It is quite ironical to me that it supports tabs function, but does not allow you to open a link in new tab. What’s the point of having a tab function if you have to manually type in the URL all the time?

Not anymore. With Tabulate, you can now easily add ‘load in new tab‘ function to your iPhone’s Safari browser, without any hacking. (it works in iPod Touch as well)

Things you need:

  • Mac/Windows
  • Safari browser (The desktop version of Safari, not the one in your iPhone)
  • iTunes

Go to Tabulate website. Drag the bookmarklet to the Safari bookmark bar.


Connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to the computer and fire up your iTunes.

In your iPhone device options, click on the Info tab. Scroll down and mark “Sync Safari Bookmarks”.

Click on Apply to sync your iPhone.


Once it is done, in your iPhone, connect to the Internet and load your mobile Safari.

On the page that you want to open the link in new tab, tap on the bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to Bookmark Bar ->Tabulate.

mobile-safari1 mobile-safari2

You will now see a orange icon at the top left of your Safari browser. This indicate that the tabulate is active on the current page.


Now, click on a link. A toolbar of 3 icons will appear. The first one represents “open the link in current tab“. The second one (the one with a plus sign) represents “open the link in a new tab” while the last one means to flag the link to open later.


That’s it. You just have to click on the second icon to open the link in a new tab.


  1. is it true that iphone 4G will be release on july ?

  2. There has been plenty of rumors about iPhone 4G, but there is no confirmation from Apple yet, so we can only guess and speculate.

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