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Have you ever encountered a WIM file in Windows 10 and didn’t know what to do with it? Double-clicking it doesn’t seem to do anything. Here we explain what WIM files are and how you can open a WIM file in Windows 10.

What Is WIM?

WIM stands for Windows Imaging Format. This is a disk format used to code images. It was first introduced in Windows Vista by Microsoft. The benefit of formatting images using a WIM format is that it’s optimized – the compressed file has a much smaller footprint compared to the original image. There are six types of WIM resources in such a file:

  • Metadata resource
  • Lookup table
  • XML data
  • Integrity table
  • Header
  • File resource

WIM images can be made bootable. In fact, Windows setup DVDs contain WIM files, which can be manipulated if installing windows repeatedly does not work.

WIM files are widely used to manage system-critical files, including updates, components and even drivers. They are also used to manage operating system booting. Without the correct WIM file, you may be unable to boot a Windows operating system or install a new one. If you find yourself in this position when trying to run Windows 10, it is wise to either replace the .wim file or extract it and replace the information with data that has not been corrupted (if you suspect that the .wim file is corrupt).

How to Open WIM Files in Windows 10

There are several methods of extracting WIM files in Windows. The most well-known of these is WinZip. You can try the app for free with no restrictions regarding time and the amount of data they can extract. The program has a small footprint and does not take up a lot of RAM, so it does not slow down your computer.

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Other WIM extraction programs include 7-Zip. The program is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 10 and more.

Use PeaZip to Open and Modify .wim Files

This extraction and compression utility is also very lightweight and can be used as a file manager. In addition to extraction and compression, you can also use PeaZip to join and split different types of files. This makes it particularly good for artists who need to edit music or videography. PeaZip supports a wide variety of file types, including .zip, .tar, .wim and .gzip.

With PeaZip, not only can you open .wim files, but you can also modify the included information. This is important if you are having problems installing Windows 10 and have narrowed down the problem to an issue with the .wim file. PeaZip provides strong encryption and other security features, so you can also use it to protect your sensitive data.

Wrapping Up

WIM files are important and are used in many aspects of running Windows 10, particularly in installing the operating system. There are many scenarios where the WIM files may need editing, such as if the operating system is not installing properly. In this case, you can use any of the above methods to open the WIM files and make the necessary changes with ease and without spending a penny.

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