Open Links by Drag and Drop in Firefox with SuperDrag

When doing certain tasks online that require you to click on links and images several times, the usual copy and paste method may get too tiresome for the job. If you use Firefox, an add-on called SuperDrag might prove useful for this particular scenario. SuperDrag allows you to open links by simply employing the drag and drop function of your mouse.

Once the add-on is installed, you can go to a link you want to open and simply drag it a bit towards the lower right side. This will show you the pop-up menu with various options. The first layer of options are for links. Use these three options to open links in different ways: on the current tab, on a background tab or on a foreground tab.

Opening links on a current tab will open the link in the same page you are viewing, and you’d have to click on the Back button to return to the previously accessed web page. If you don’t want to do this, you can use the next two options.

In the example below, I chose to open the first link from a Google search results page on a background tab.


This means the link opens on a new tab to the right of the current tab, with the current tab still visible in this case the Google search results page.


In the next example, I opened the second link from the same Google search results page on a foreground tab.


This time, the link opens a new tab to the right and at the same time makes it visible, leading me away from the current tab I was viewing.


SuperDrag also allows you to open images in a similar way. To open images from their source, click and drag the image and position it to the Images layer of the pop-up menu.


Here, you can choose to either open the image in a background or foreground tab. There’s also a third option to save the image directly to your computer. Note that image links opened are direct URL sources, and not the webpage where it’s embedded.

If you want to change the default way that a link or image is opened, you can go to the add-on page and click on Options beside SuperDrag.


This is where you can choose to change the default action for opening links and images. You can also change whether a new tab opens to the left or right of the current tab.

Another useful feature is the text search function. Highlight a text anywhere in a site, drag it towards the lower right side and a pop-up menu should appear.


You can choose to open the search in a background or foreground tab. Next, choose which search engine to use.

You may think of SuperDrag as something you might not really need on an daily basis, and that may be true. But when you do need it and use it you might find it’s easier to use and a faster way to go through links and images.

Kim Barloso
Kim Barloso

Kim is a freelance tech writer who loves to explore mobile and web applications.Visit her blog, Kim The Writer, where she gives freelance writing advice.

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