Oomfo: Create Stunning Charts for PowerPoint Presentations

oomfoThe PowerPoint today is more than just a simple slideshow. A great presentation involves more than just presenting facts and figures, but also to impress your audience with fanciful animations and effects. Although PowerPoint offers an impressive array of chart types and options, almost all of them have been used exhaustively in presentations. Therefore when people view a PowerPoint chart, they do not feel that anything new or unique has been added to the presentation.

Offering a solution to this is “Oomfo” – an application that adds Flash-based charts to your PowerPoint presentations.


Oomfo is a valuable PowerPoint tool with a rather unusual name. The program adds the options to incorporate charts based on Adobe Flash into presentations. Of course for this to happen, Adobe Flash needs to be installed in the computer you create the presentation in and the computer you execute the presentation on.


The application has an EXE setup file that comes packed in a ZIP archive sized at nearly 10 MB. Its compatibility includes Windows computers and the 2003, 2007, and 2010 versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. All you do to install the application is uncompress the ZIP archive you downloaded and run the EXE file.


Oomfo does not appear as a separate program. Instead it is accessed from within PowerPoint. Different versions of PowerPoint will let you access Oomfo in different ways. We used the application on PowerPoint 2010. In it you will find Oomfo’s tool under the ‘Insert’ tab to the right-most part of the ribbon.


In other versions of PowerPoint, simply locate where the PowerPoint’s own charts options can be used; Oomfo’s tools will be located nearby.


To start creating a chart through Oomfo, you have to click on its “Insert Chart” button. A window similar to the one looking below will pop up.


The first step is to select the chart type you want. This is done through the center pane. You select a chart type from the drop down menu and then click on the particular form of chart you want.


You will find that the application covers a great variety of 2D and 2D charts including plots, bar graphs, and more. When you click on a selection, its preview is displayed on the right.


Next you enter the charts data by moving to the next category from the left-most pane.


You can either type in all the data or import data from an Excel or CSV file.

You can go on to modify the chart further using other tabs on the left such as Legend, Data Properties, and Divisional Lines.


When you are done, you can click on the Finish button and insert the beautiful chart into your PowerPoint presentation.


When the slideshow of the presentation is played, each Oomfo chart is loaded up via a visually appealing animation that is sure to catch the attention of the audience.


Oomfo is a relatively small application with great use and utility. Once you use it you will find that this chart-creating application is essential to eye-catching presentations.

You can get Oomfo from here.


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