Best Online Tools To Unzip Files and Decompress Archives

You don’t necessarily need an application to unzip files in Windows. When it comes to the basic formats, the Windows decompression utility can take care of it. Yet what if you receive a file from a client or a friend which is in 7z? Or what if it is in an RAR or ISO format? There is still no need to install any Unzip utility, as there are online tools to unzip files and decompress archives. Using online archiving tools not only helps you extract the files in the archive, but also protects your computer from malicious software.

Some of the best tools for you to unzip files online and decompress archives include the following:

Unzip Online

With Unzip Online, you can easily uncompress files up to 200 MB without installing any third-party application on your computer. Just click on the uncompress button and browse the files you want to unzip.

Unzip Files Online

The contents of the archive are displayed after a few seconds. Do note that the amount of time it takes to decompress the files depends on the file size. If you upload a large file, it will take more time to decompress. You just need to click on any file to initiate the download.

Check out Unzip Online

B1 Online Archiver

B1 Online Archiver is a very useful tool that allows users to decompress and unzip files online. You don’t have to install any third-party add-on. You only need to upload the file you want to extract, and it will automatically decompress it as well.

Unzip Files Online

After extracting the contents, it will show you all the files that can be downloaded with a single click. The service currently supports 7z, zip, rar and b1. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can be assured that the extracted files are automatically deleted a few minutes after you close the page. It even provides users with a link to delete the files after downloading.

Check out B1 Online Archiver


WobZip allows users to decompress zipped files online. Unlike B1 Online Archiver, Wobzip supports a wide range of formats including 7z, ARJ, BZIP2, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, GZIP, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, TAR, UDF, VHD, XAR, XZ and ZIP. It even allows users to unzip files that are hosted on the Internet and allows users to upload files of sizes up to 200 MB.

Unzip Files Online

Browse the file you want to extract or simply paste the URL of the file, specify any password if there is one and Wobzip will do the rest. Wobzip also allows users to send the files to Dropbox.

Unzip Files Online

Check out Wobzip


Personally, I like this service compared to other online tools to unzip files and decompress archives. It not only allows users to unzip files but you can also create zip archives using this tool. To use the service, just browse to the location of the archive and click the Unzip it icon.

Unzip Files Online

Similarly, to create a zip archive, select the archive you want to compress, select the files and click the Zip Em icon. If you want to create a new archive, just give it a new name rather than selecting an existing archive. Make sure you have Java installed for the application to work properly.

Check out EzyZip

Zoho Docs

Zoho is one of the most popular online office services. You can not only use Zoho Docs to create/view documents online, but you can even use it to unzip files. To unzip any file using Zoho Docs, simply upload it by logging in to your Zoho account. After uploading the file, select it and click the Actions dropdown menu. It will show you the unzip option there.

Unzip Files Online

Note that it will unzip the files in the same directory where the archive is uploaded. You can then download the contents to your computer.

Visit Zoho Docs


These are some of the best online tools to unzip files and decompress archives without installing any third-party applications on your system. I am a big fan of web applications and prefer to use them for most of my work. From the list, if you want to make sure your files are saved online, Zoho Docs is a good choice. Otherwise I suggest you use EzyZip for just unzipping and downloading files. If you have a favorite online tool to unzip files and decompress archives, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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