7 Online Tools to Instantly Create Invoices for Free

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Business accounts heavily depend on proper invoicing to keep track of all the transactions. However, creating an invoice from scratch can be a bit difficult. You need to ensure your invoice is clear enough to make it easier for the payer to understand all the terms and pay accordingly.

If you are having difficulty crafting a professional invoice, you can take advantage of some online tools to instantly create one. This list includes seven online tools to create professional invoices quickly.

Also helpful: if you are a freelancer or small business owner, an all-in-one CRM tool can help you manage clients, leads, and invoices.

1. Best Variety of Templates: OnlineInvoices

This is the most comprehensive invoice-generating tool we have seen so far. OnlineInvoices offers over 80 invoice templates that cater to the needs of most businesses. You can find invoice templates, like sales invoices, car sale invoices, construction invoices, and even templates for different country formats, like UK or UAE invoices. They’re highly intuitive and easy to fill in, print, and send.

If you are interested, check out their robust online billing software (paid), perfect for all small to large businesses.

Online Tools To Create Invoices For Free Onlineinvoices


  • Numerous invoice templates
  • All accounting done automatically
  • Templates are easy to customize or create from scratch
  • Print, save as PDF, or send via email directly from the site


  • No option to save invoices to use again

2. Best for Recurring Clients: Hiveage

Hiveage is a premium online invoicing tool that also offers a free plan. You must sign up for a free account but can send unlimited invoices and manage up to five recurring clients. This could easily be your new favorite tool if you only have a few regular clients. Plus, the same tool lets you track your time and expenses to make it easier to calculate your costs. You can upgrade if you have more clients.

Online Tools To Create Invoices For Free Hiveage


  • Create custom invoices with personal branding
  • Manage up to 5 clients on the free account
  • Track your time and expenses
  • Set up recurring invoices
  • Quickly save invoices to edit later


  • Requires premium to manage more than 5 recurring clients
  • Requires email signup to create free invoices

Tip: you may want to set up a virtual bank account for invoice payments.

3. Best Simple Template: Invoiced

Invoiced is a billing and payment tracking system tool but also comes with Invoiced, a free invoice-generating tool. It has one simple yet functional template and all the standard options, including tax, discounts, and shipping charges entry, adding a logo, automatic calculation, and the ability to download or send the invoice directly. If you sign up for a free account, it’ll even save your invoices for you. If not, they’re saved locally on your PC, but are removed if you delete all your browsing data.

Online Tools To Create Invoices For Free Invoiced


  • Detailed invoice
  • Automatic calculations
  • Set your desired currency
  • Can view past invoices without an account (if you don’t delete your browsing history)


  • Only one invoice template available, even if you sign up

4. Best for Customization: Free Invoice Creator by Freshbooks

This invoice generator is offered by the renowned accounting software provider Freshbooks. The invoice template is clean and offers everything other invoicing tools mentioned above can provide. Free Invoice Creator lets you see what to edit simply by hovering over the template with your mouse. Some sections, such as your state, have drop-down boxes. You can even customize the color of your invoice.

Online Tools To Create Invoices For Free Freshbooks


  • Offers two types of templates
  • Easily edit all text, color, and currency
  • Simple and easy to fill out
  • Professional look
  • Save as PDF when you’re finished


  • No option to send directly without a paid account
  • Can’t save invoice online without an account

Good to know: if you invoice based on the time you spend performing tasks, a time-tracking app can help.

5. Best for Simple PDF Invoices: Invoicely

With Invoicely’s free invoice generator, fill out the blanks, save it as a PDF, and you’re done. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s a no-frills online invoice tool. Create unlimited invoices without an account. However, you can sign up to save and send your invoices directly from the platform. You get up to five invoices and three clients for free. You’ll have to upgrade for more features and branding options but don’t need to sign up to create and save invoices directly to your device.

Online Tools To Create Invoices For Free Invoicely


  • Simple invoice for almost any use
  • Does calculations automatically
  • Save as PDF
  • Sign up for a free plan to save invoices


  • Can only save as PDF
  • No branding options

6. Best for Invoice and Project Management: Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is designed for small to medium businesses and offers a free invoice plan that gives you four professional templates, unlimited invoices, and up to 20 clients at any given time. For freelancers and small businesses, this may be all you need. Easily track your time, accept payments, and even manage projects with Kaban boards. It’s a complete invoicing solution with a free plan that’s hard to beat.

Online Tools To Create Invoices For Free Invoiceninja


  • Get four customizable templates for free or 11 with a premium plan
  • Track time and manage project progress
  • Accept payments
  • Send unlimited invoices
  • Save client details for up to 20 clients for free


  • Can’t generate invoices without signing up (no credit card required for free plan)
  • May be too complex for basic invoice generation

Tip: use Notion budgeting templates to keep track of your expenses and income.

7. Best for Small Businesses: Zoho Invoice Generator

Zoho offers a generous free plan for small businesses to send up to 1,000 free professional invoices a year. This is ideal for freelancers as well. Create a free account, save invoices, track your time and expenses, save client details, and more. If you need to send the occasional invoice for free, try the Invoice Generator form that lets you download or send your invoice without an account. Create unlimited invoices for free this way.

Online Tools To Create Invoices For Free Zoho


  • Offers two free invoice creation tools
  • Free small business plan gives you up to 1,000 invoices a year
  • Integrate with other business apps and even accept payments (with free account)
  • Easy-to-fill-out forms


  • Signup (free) required to create custom invoice styles

Frequently Asked Questions

How many invoices can I create for free?

Almost all the tools on this list let you create unlimited invoices for free. While you may not be able to save them online in most cases, fill out the form each time you need to generate an invoice, and you’re done.

Can I download and further customize free invoices?

Yes. Once you download your invoice, you can do whatever you want. Want to edit the text or add more sections? Convert your PDF download to a Microsoft Word document for free. If you want to save your changes as a PDF, see how to export your Word document to PDF.

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