4 Online Tools to Instantly Create Invoices for Free

4 Online Tools To Instantly Create Invoices For Free

Business accounts heavily depend on proper invoicing to keep track of all the transactions. However, creating an invoice from scratch can be a bit difficult. You need to ensure your invoice is clear enough to make it easier for the payer to understand all the terms and make the payment according to it.

If you are having a hard time crafting a professional invoice, then you can take advantage of some online tools to instantly create an invoice. Below we have listed four online tools that you can use to create professional invoices in no time.

1. OnlineInvoices

This is the most comprehensive invoice-generating tool that I have seen so far. OnlineInvoices offers over 80 invoice templates catering to the needs of most of the businesses. You can find invoice templates like sales invoice, car sale invoice, construction invoice and even templates for different country formats, like UK invoice or UAE invoice.


The templates are very intuitive and will easily let you fill in data and do all the accounting automatically. You can change currency, add a logo, add tax and discounts (if applied) and also change templates in the middle without resetting the data entered. When you are done, you can print the invoice, download it as a PDF file or directly send it via email from the OnlineInvoices main page.


If you are interested, you can also check out their robust online billing software (paid), perfect for all small to large businesses.

2. FreeInvoiceGenerator

If you are looking for a simple invoice-generating tool with no frills, then FreeInvoiceGenerator is perfect. This tool will let you create effective invoices quickly without any confusion. It has a simple template that is very easy to edit and does all the accounting automatically. You can change currency, add tax, shipping charges or discounts sections and make calculations according to them.


The creators also respect your privacy and only store your invoices in the servers for ten minutes. They do keep track of all the changes you make to the template (for later use), but they store this data in your PC’s local storage and not in their servers. The generated invoices can be downloaded as PDFs with a single click.

3. Invoiced Lite

Invoiced is actually a billing and payment tracking system tool, but it also comes with a free invoice-generating tool called Invoiced Lite. The tool comes with a simple, yet functional, template. It comes with all the standard options, including tax, discounts and shipping charges entry, adding a logo, automatic calculation and the ability to download or send the invoice directly.


It keeps a complete record of all the invoices you generate on the website (even my four months old invoices are there), and you can also create custom templates for different clients and save them for later use. This information is saved in your PC’s local storage and not in the Invoiced servers, perfect for data privacy.

4. Free Invoice Creator by Freshbooks

This invoice generator is offered by the renowned accounting software providers Freshbooks. The invoice template is clean and offers everything other invoicing tools mentioned above can provide. However, what makes Free Invoice Creator unique is its step-by-step invoice creation process. Instead of bombarding you with data to fill out, it highlights a specific area to fill out the data. You need to complete each step to move forward to the next step.


This approach makes it perfect for people who are complete beginners and would prefer a hand-holding process. When the invoice is created, you can send it directly to an email account or download it as a PDF file.


All the above tools make it very easy to create an invoice. All you have to do is fill in your data, and your invoice will be ready to be sent or downloaded. The invoice template offered by these tools is enough for most of the invoice types. However, if you have any special needs, do check out OnlineInvoices, as they have a big list of templates available for free.

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