Gifts You Can Buy & Send without Ever Having to Leave Your Couch

We all lead busy lives, which can make gift-giving a bit of a hassle. Fortunately, the Internet makes buying someone a gift super easy. The best part is these virtual goodies can be purchased and sent to your loved one directly. No wrapping, no card, just a few clicks of the mouse and taps on the keyboard. Despite the minimal effort involved, you can rest easy knowing these gifts will still put a smile on the recipient’s face.

1. iTunes/Google Play Gift Card

The only thing that you really need to know about the person you’re buying a gift for is whether he or she uses an iPhone or Android device. Apps, music, movies – an iTunes or Google Play gift card covers all the bases.


Unfortunately, buying a gift card doesn’t exactly scream personalized. Thankfully there are other options that can be considered more thoughtful but require roughly the same amount of effort.

2. Subscription to a Streaming Service

Do you know someone who complains about the lack of quality programming on network TV? How about someone who considers herself a movie buff? Encourage a Netflix binge with a gift subscription. Of course, Netflix doesn’t have everything. Luckily, it isn’t the only streaming service available. If you know that the recipient really wants to watch a particular show or has a special interest, you can look into other video streaming services like Hulu.


If you’re shopping for an audiophile, you can also gift subscriptions to Spotify or Pandora, which give listeners access to ad-free music streams.

3. Subscription Boxes

If you want to shy away from gift cards and give a tangible gift, consider one of the many subscription boxes. These boxes are chock-full of goodies and are sent directly to the recipient’s address every month. There are subscription boxes that cater to virtually every interest imaginable.


Know someone who loves to snack on delicious treats? How about someone who is on the cutting edge of beauty trends? Have a friend who can’t seem to get a close enough shave? There are tons of subscription boxes out there to choose from. The best part is many of them are incredibly affordable!

4. Video games

If you consider yourself a gamer, you probably have at least one memory of being incredibly disappointed by receiving a game you didn’t actually want. Fortunately, gift givers can avoid such a scenario with gift cards to various video game retailers. This takes the guess work out of picking a game and lets the gamer make the decision. It’s win-win!


Like iTunes and Google Play gift cards, you can gift a gamer with credit to Xbox Live, the Playstation Store, Nintendo’s e-Shop or Steam. You can purchase the gift card codes and elect to send them directly to the recipient on a date of your choosing.

5. For the Amazon Shopper

If you know someone who shops a lot on Amazon, consider a subscription to Amazon Prime. A Prime membership includes tons of benefits. With a Prime membership you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video. You’ll also gain access to Amazon’s extensive music catalog for unlimited streaming. In addition, you’ll also get free Kindle e-books, unlimited photo storage and access to exclusive deals only available to Prime members.


Last but not least, a Prime membership guarantees free two-day shipping on over 100-million items. Two-day shipping might be encouraging a potential shopping addiction, but at least you’ll know it will be appreciated. To give the gift of Prime, just choose the three-month or twelve-month option and click “Add Prime to Cart.” From there you’ll be able to enter the recipient’s email address, select a delivery date and even add a personalized message!

6. For the Reader

If you know someone with a passion for the written word, look no further. Texture gives all-you-can-read access to most major magazines, directly on a phone or tablet. Texture allows users to read over 200 magazines, ranging from Time to People to Wired. In addition, Texture users can download issues directly to their device, allowing them to read to their heart’s content even when they don’t have access to the Internet.


Know someone who is a bookworm? Why give just one book when you can give them access to an entire digital library of books? Scribd has a massive slection of e-books, audiobooks and more. Furthermore, Scribd is available on virtually every device, including web browsers and e-readers.

What are your favourite gifts to give that only require a few clicks of the mouse? Let us know in the comments!

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