OnePlus Microphone Stand Review and Giveaway

If you own a Yeti microphone or other desktop condenser microphone, it is most definitely worthwhile to invest in a suspension stand of some sort. The mic arm stand by OnePlus, I think, takes the cake as being the easiest to use with the most features. This article will cover some of the key features as well as usage tips to get the absolute most out of it. Furthermore, we will introduce details for a giveaway!

Once it’s out of the box, pay special attention to the threaded screws and choose the one that is best fitting to your microphone. The threads are fairly easy to strip out, so be careful when attaching your microphone. The larger size adapter is screwed onto the stand itself. If that adapter is not required for your specific microphone, the microphone can just be screwed directly onto the stand.


The stand is made of a quality steel frame and zinc alloy base. Given this, and the lack of plastic components, it’s able to hold even the heaviest of condenser microphones. The mount clamp is extremely sturdy, but you will also need 2.2″ of clearance to mount it. If your desk doesn’t have any sort of lip or overhang, some other sort of attachment spot would be needed. Take the clamp and screw it into your desk’s metal or wood overhang. I personally had to attach mine onto a nearby windowsill, since my desk had a flush construction. Keep this in mind when choosing where to attach the stand.

When shopping for a microphone stand, people often overlook the importance of finding one that includes a padded clamp. If your chair taps the desk, or any form of shakiness occurs, you will want to make sure that this does not carry through to the stand and cause audio distortion. This kind of audio distortion is the worst kind, as it is very hard to remove in post production – if at all possible. Luckily, the OnePlus stand’s clamp has ample rubber padding directly underneath the top lip. Through and through, the manufacturer and designer have considered every possible obstacle.

The arm sits into a hole in the clamp where it can rotate. Again, this is why it’s extremely important to make sure that the clamp is secured. Otherwise, you may run the risk of the arm detaching when it is swiveled to a position in which it is free-hanging off of the desk. Since the arm swivels at this low point, you will want to secure the stand where the amount of swinging needed will be minimal and where there is a lack of obstacles (such as a monitor or tower PC).

The arm itself can be bent and kept in a preferred position with relative ease. Furthermore, the bending and swivel of the arm makes it easy to keep the microphone out of the way when you need more overhead and or desk space. Pull on the arm a bit to verify that the construction is solid and that it will not fall over. This is important to do before attaching your microphone!

Get the microphone screwed in and use the included ties to hide the cable along the length of the arm. In regard to the clamp, again, you may wish to keep it close to the back of your desk near a wall. This way, the cable can be fed down and out towards your PC on the ground, or down, up, and around to the PC on your desktop. The point being with the ties and clamp position, cable management is super easy with the OnePlus microphone stand.


Lastly, attach the bendy pop-filter to the top of the stand, near the microphone itself. Then, make sure it is roughly five inches away from the microphone and directly in front of the position in which you plan to be speaking from. You will also want to be careful when swiveling with the pop-filter attached, otherwise you may risk damaging it (or your microphone) on a wall or other equipment.

For its price, you really cannot find much else in the same ballpark range of aesthetic and overall usage. The OnePlus microphone stand is a surefire way to give your desk a nice look that shows homage to your dedication to audio quality. Though the included instructions lack heavy detail, they really should not even be needed. With just a few steps of attaching the parts, you will be up and running. The arm’s spring is super reliable and durable. Use after use, it keeps its responsiveness.

On the downside, the swiveling of the stand into the base can make a grinding noise, as it is just metal-on-metal. Furthermore, if the arm is hanging off of the desk causing it to become unbalanced, the clamp is likely to slip off.

Bottom line, for the average user (or even the audiophile) the OnePlus Microphone stand has the competition beat in terms of universal usability, ease of setup and use, and overall value for the money spent.

If you do decide to pickup this microphone stand outside of the giveaway, the company is offering a 20% off coupon code — 3ASHLBW7 – on Amazon.

OnePlus Upgraded Mic Arm Stand

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