Why Ocenaudio Is the Easiest Audio Editing Tool for Multiple Platforms

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Ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy-to-use audio editor that can resolve noise, echo and interference issues from both audio and video files. It is completely free to use even for commercial purposes.

The software has minimal features but does the sound editing perfectly. You might want to give this a try if you are considering other tools like Audacity or Adobe After Effects that have more features but also come with steep learning curves.

Download and Installation

Ocenaudio supports all the platforms of your choice – Mac, Linux and Windows – and you can keep track of their version updates on its download page. Follow the simple installation setup wizard which will guide you through the installation.

Ocenaudio Setup Wizard

Wait for the installation to complete. Once done, you can immediately start working on your audio or video files (.mp4, .mpeg) with Ocenaudio.

Editing Audio/Video Files

A simple and elegant dashboard awaits you, and you can explore all the options without having to register. You can import multiple audio or music files using Ctrl +O; they will have their separate timelines and editing portions.

Home Screen Ocenaudio

Simplicity is the biggest hallmark of Ocenaudio. The most important editing options you would require have been covered in this tutorial.

Other tools like Audacity (shown below) have far more options to remember. If you want to start editing immediately and do not want to spend too much time learning, Ocenaudio is a great alternative.

Audacity Options

To begin, select a timeline to use “fade in” or “fade out” effects, which reduce the volume of any segment, and “trim” to reduce any additional audio after buffering. It will take you less than a minute to get the hang of both features.

Main Features Ocenaudio

The waveform option of Ocenaudio is very easy to use, and you only need to select the required portions to perform the following edits:

  • Use the show/hide gain tool to increase or adjust the decibels. This can take care of audio segments which hurt the ears.
  • Delete any superfluous audio segments. You can zoom in or zoom out to delete what is unnecessary.

Show Hide Gain Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio’s Graphic Equalizer can be accessed from “Effects -> Equalization -> 31 Band Graphic Equalizer.”  You can easily adjust the sliders throughout the timeline to get rid of all loud pitches.

Graphic Equalizer Ocenaudio

With Adobe After Effects, to use the EQ feature you must learn how to shape the sound, which requires a good control over the mouse. You will find it easier to use sliders on Ocenaudio’s timeline and on a laptop trackpad without an external mouse.

Equalizer Adobe After Effects

Other Cool Features of Ocenaudio

Don’t know what to do with an annoying background vocal? Identify it on a “spectral view,” which is easily available from the View option, then simply add white noise with signal generator for a time duration of your choice.

Signal Generator Ocenaudio

As an alternative to white noise, you can also add a chorus in the background.

Chorus Adjustment Ocenaudio

Reverb is a nice feature to get rid of any residual echoes in the audio.

Reverb Ocenaudio

Save Your Edited File

Once you have finished editing throughout the timeline, you can save your file using various record options. You can also simply enter R to save the recorded file.

Save Your Edted File

Do you want to merge two recordings? Simply select them and right-click to “join” them together. This is one of the easiest ways to join two or more files. Ocenaudio allows efficient editing of large files. so there is no limit to how much you can add.

Ocenaudio Join Files

Want to create an iPhone ringtone? It is available as a very easy option on the File menu. You can optionally add a few seconds gap if the first few seconds of an audio clip are precious to you.

Create Iphone Ringtones


If you don’t want to use complex software to edit your audio files, you will find Ocenaudio very easy in comparison. Thanks to its powerful features, you can get the professional touch without breaking a sweat. The software is extremely lightweight and does not burden your CPU and other resources.

Have you used Ocenaudio before? Please let us know in the comments what you thought of this tool.

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