How Do You Obtain Your Music?

With the news that Apple is acquiring Beats, it means they will now be getting into the music subscription service. This will compete directly with their iTunes downloads, but assumably they’re getting their money one way or another. Will this be a change for music lovers or are they already set in their ways?

The ways we get our music have changed so much over the years. We’ve gone from vinyl records to cassette tapes to CDs. And 8-tracks figure in somewhere along the way too. Once Apple created iPod and started iTunes, it gave us a whole new way to listen to music with MP3 players and iPods. When computers and devices took on a larger part of our lives, we saw the debut of Pandora and Spotify and other streaming services, some free and some not, and some with a choice. Music lovers can only be expected to redo all their music every so often. No one wants to keep buying their music over and over again to fit the most recent trend.

How about you? Have you kept up with the musical trends or are you still listening to your CDs? Have you invested a small mint in iTunes downloads and don’t want to give that up? Or maybe you have found the ease of a subscription streaming service better than anything out there.

How do you obtain your music?

How do you manage your finances?

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