Nova Launcher Prime for Android – Is It Worth Your Money?

There are a lot of ways that you can customize Android. One of them is to use a custom launcher, or more commonly known as homescreen replacement app. One of the more popular ones is probably Nova Launcher.

Nova launcher comes in two versions – free and premium. For most people, the free version works just fine. It only allows for basic usage and basic customization, but that doesn’t matter to them. Most people really aren’t looking for anything other than a basic launcher. Some people, however, are looking for something a little bit more advanced, a little bit more customizable. And for that, we have Nova Launcher prime.


Nova Launcher Prime is definitely an app specifically designed for die hard Android fans – the kind of fan that isn’t totally happy with the level of customization that the free version of Nova gives up and wants to get just a little bit more out of it.


When you purchase it, you unlock the door to some honestly awesome features. I have to be honest, the upgrade has some serious utility behind it. Prime has a feature that I cannot live without on Android: the custom app drawer group feature. With this, you can move and separate your apps into little groups (like pictured above). It’s awesome and is actually the single reason I no longer use folders to organize apps on my home screen.


Another thing I really love is the unread badge feature. With this, you’ll be able to tell if you have a new email or SMS with a glance at your home screen. It’s super handy, and I’m not sure I could use my Nexus 5 without it at this point.


When it comes to features, app drawer groups and the unread badge feature are really the only things that jump out at me. That is just me though. I’m a bit of a minimalist, so I don’t really care about all the bells and whistles. You might find that some of the features I outline in this review are uninteresting, while things that I didn’t like are great.

While I didn’t find any issues when it comes to Prime’s features or anything like that, there is something about the Nova Launcher Prime upgrade that doesn’t totally sit right with me. The app, well, it’s a little pricey. I understand, everyone has to make a living. I get that. I just secretly hope that it will come down in price. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that 4 dollars is a lot for an app.

I use Nova Launcher Prime just about every day on all of my devices. I have no desire to change that. I’ve never had a crashing issue, a memory usage issue or anything along those lines. It’s the fastest launcher out there as far as I can tell. If you love Nova Launcher, you’ll probably like the upgrade.



  • Fast
  • Incredibly stable
  • Customization options beat all other launchers out there
  • Great storage and ram usage


  • Tad pricey


Overall, Nova Launcher Prime is a fairly decent upgrade. I might disagree with the developers choice in pricing, but it’s not a total deal breaker and I am sure many others will find the price affordable. For a Nova Launcher fan, upgrading to Prime is just the icing on an already awesome cake. If you’re already a huge fan of the free launcher, the upgrade is a no brainier.

Derrik Diener Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.


  1. I love Nova Prime. Notable features not listed are customizable icons. Adding additional fonts (although being able to use desktop font files like TrueType and OpenType without root would be nice). And personally my favorite is secondary swipe apps. Meaning you can put 2 app links on one icon. Tap for primary, just like normal, and swipe the icon to open the secondary app. Awesome function. I usually put related apps together like Google+ as primary and swipe for Hangouts. Other great features are custom grid sizing for both the drawer and home screens (I always find the standard system grids to be way too small in number like 5 rows and 4 columns). Also custom sizing for dock as well as adding additional docks to swipe to like home screens. And folders in the drawer (as well as the mentioned drawer tabs). And unlimited folder size (many systems already have this, like LG and Samsung, but not all, like HTC). The best thing however about Nova is that you can do all this without root or a custom ROM.

  2. Do you have to uninstall the free version before you install prime or is prime just a plugin extra upgrade?

  3. But what does it do?
    You all assume that everyone has used it before and understands what it’s for.
    I have absolutely no idea what this app does or why you all are so gaga over it.
    Does it do something the phone can’t do now?
    Or does it just do it in a different way?
    There is no explanation anywhere.

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