4 Apps that Notify You When Your Android Battery Is Full

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Unless you use an app, it's not easy to determine when your phone is done charging. While “overcharging” your phone won't make the device explode or anything too serious, the practice is still not recommended for various reasons. Continuing to charge after a battery has reached its 100% limit might reduce stability in the long term and could lead to system-wide malfunction. In addition, the procedure creates heat caused by wasted power dissipation.

To protect your phone's battery health, it might be a good idea to install an app to notify you when your device has finished charging. This article rounds up some of the best apps that will send out an alert every time your Android's battery is full, thus allowing you to immediately unplug the device.

1. Full Battery Alarm

Full Battery Alarm is a handy app which bundles a comprehensive set of features. On top of showing you the usual battery stats (voltage, temperature, battery health, time left until full recharge), it also displays a screen brightness slider and a Torch toggle that lets you activate your flashlight from within the app.

Best Full Battery Notification Apps Full Battery Alarm

Users can set an alert for a selected battery level, and if they wish to monitor the device's temperature, there's an alert for that also. Additionally, the app can issue a low battery reminder and show you full battery statistics.

It's possible to modify the app's color theme, so if you're not a fan of the default bright red, it can be easily changed. What's more, a theft alarm feature is included to prevent anyone from unplugging your phone while it's charging.

2. Battery 100% Alarm

Another good option you may want to check out is Battery 100% Alarm. The app keeps you up to date regarding how much of your battery is charged and how much time you have to wait before your device is ready to be unplugged (via the notification bar).

Best Full Battery Notification Apps Battery 100 Alarm

Users can enable snooze for the alarm ranging from one to five minutes. There's also the option to manually set the maximum charging limit - whether it's 100% or less - that once reached will trigger the alarm.

Like most of the apps in this list, Battery 100% Alarm taps into your device's ringtone library, so you can opt for a soothing notification or perhaps a bit more alert, depending on your mood.

3. Full Battery & Theft Alarm

Full Battery & Theft Alarm benefits from a very intuitive interface. As soon as you open the app, it will display the charge percentage. It will also show you the phone's temperature, overall health, and the time left until your battery is full.

Best Full Battery Notification Apps Full Battery Theft Alarm

Users can set an alarm to notify them when the charging reaches a certain point (between 50% and 100%) or alert them when battery levels are low. There's also an anti-theft option that when enabled prevents anyone from unplugging your phone without consent.

Best Full Battery Notification Apps Full Battery Theft Alarm Charge History

If someone were to do so, it would trigger an annoying alarm that can only be turned off by entering a code set up by the owner of the phone. The app also displays the charge history, complete with time and date.

4. Full Battery Charge Alarm

Full Battery Charge Alarm is another super simple app that gets the job done in a very straightforward manner. Simply press the “Enable Alarm” button before putting your phone down for a charge.

Best Full Battery Notification Apps Full Battery Charge Alarm

To customize the alarm, users need to go through Settings (tap on the cog wheel icon in the upper-right corner). From there you can select a ringtone, set an alarm threshold, enable a low battery alarm and more. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you can also switch to a dark theme.

If you want to gain additional insight regarding how to preserve your Android's battery life, perhaps you'd be interested to learn how to stop Android apps from running in the background. Or if you've ever been plague by the issue, see how you can fix Google Play Services battery drain on Android.

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