5 of the Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Gone are the days when you had to pick-up your pen and a sheet of paper to note something down as some new tech ways have made their way to users. It would not be wrong to say that your smartphone is now a note-taking device too. It can do what your traditional method did with some amazing new features that you would not find in any other way of taking notes. So if you have an Android smartphone and are looking for the best note-taking app, our list below should help you.


Microsoft OneNote takes first place when it comes to creating personalized notes. Whether you are at an event and have to note something down or just want to note down the important topics that you just learned in your college class, OneNote is there to help you out. It offers basic features like creating and editing notes, synchronizing them across all of your devices and sharing them with your friends. It even lets you add rich content to your notes so they do not look boring the next time you take a look at them.

The app widget lets you add new notes directly from your homescreen, saving you a few taps. It is worth giving this app a shot.


SomNote is another beautiful app that helps with your note-taking tasks. With a neat and clean user interface, the app aims to provide great user experience while not compromising on features. It lets you create folders and save your notes in an organized manner – that way you will never have to scroll through thousands of notes to get to the one you are looking for. If your needs are not limited to just text notes, the app allows you to attach media files up to 1GB.

Should you ever want hard copies of your notes, you can make them by using the “Print” feature available in the app. All in all, the app has everything you will ever need to create and organize your notes. So go ahead and give it a try.


Do you like dragging and dropping stuff from everywhere and making something good out of it? If so, Note Anytime Lite is what you should be using. The app lets you put your entries on some beautiful ready-made templates to create amazing looking notes. You can add pictures and handwritten notes, create graphs and do a lot of stuff with the app. If Calligraphy is your hobby, then you should definitely try this app out as it has some great calligraphy styles.


Prefer reading handwritten text over computerized fonts? If yes, Write is for you. It is an app for Android that lets you create notes in handwriting mode preserving your writing style. When you create a new note with the app, it puts up a blank notebook page for you to fill with either text or image or both. You can even draw shapes in the app and have them saved with your notes.

The app is useful for brainstorming and note-taking and it is worth a shot.


If you are not after a lot of features and only need a simple app for taking notes, ColorNote is the best app for you. It offers minimal features preserving the simplicity of taking notes. It should give you the feel of Windows Notepad on your Android device. It lets you password protect notes, backups to SD card storage, search notes and so on.

You can organize your notes in various folders and have reminders about them right from your status bar. That’s cool, isn’t it?

Evernote and Springpad are two great note-taking apps that are used by many people. We purposely left them out in the above list as we wanted to give coverage to the lesser known apps.

These note-taking apps for Android will definitely help you get rid of sheets of paper that you have been taking your notes on. If your favorite note-taking app is not on the list, do let us know in the comments.