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A good file encryption solution makes your data effectively impenetrable to hackers and cloud companies. It will do the same for those with access to your username and account password. NordLocker is a safe file encryption and storage solution which gives you the best desired results in terms of privacy. This it does using client-side, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technology. This is very different than storing data directly in a cloud solution such as OneDrive or Google Drive.

If you’re a privacy lover, it’s worth considering NordLocker as your storage and data transfer solution. It is crafted from the same arsenal as NordVPN, which has been frequently rated as a reliable VPN app. With a 2 GB free plan and wallet-friendly premium pricing, NordLocker manages your storage needs while protecting your data from potential surveillance.


As of this writing, NordLocker only supports Windows 10 systems and macOS Sierra (10.12) or higher. After a quick download, follow the guided installation steps as shown here. The software cannot be installed on Windows 7 or 8.1 where it shows an installation error. This is why we recommend upgrading from Windows 7 which has reached its end of life. It can no longer support software like this that requires advanced functionality.

For Windows users, NordLocker will install the latest Dokan Library. This is a Windows-specific user interface enabling the creation of virtual file systems without a kernel-level driver.

Nordlocker Dokan Bundle 1

The installation wizard will then require a restart for completion. Save NordLocker in a folder of your choice to proceed further.

Nordlocker Destination Folder 1

Once the setup has finished installing NordLocker on a computer, you can launch the app immediately. You can also install this app on other supported computers, thus smoothly encrypting and decrypting your files from any location. Currently, the only missing feature is an Android or iOS app. But we’ll keep an eye out for any future updates regarding this.

Nordlocker Installation Completed 1

How NordLocker Works

You only need an email address to create a free NordLocker account. Later it can be upgraded to Premium from the app itself. After you create an account, don’t forget to verify the email with a verification code, or it will deny you access. Fortunately, resetting the password is easy.

To see the real NordLocker encryption technology in action, you will have to create a separate “master password.” It uses something called “GoCryptFS.” This is a safe file-level encryption program that allows each file to be encrypted separately in the NordLocker app. You may even modify and edit these files using other applications that are mounted on top of GoCryptFS. For example, you can edit and save any changes in a Microsoft Word file stored in NordLocker. You can do so without dealing with the original file.

In short, the master password holds the key (literally a 256-bit ECC key) to managing access to your multiple lockers and the files stored in them.

Nordlocker Master Password 1

If you forget your master password, there is a recovery key which is generated during installation.

Nordlocker Recovery Key 1

What happens if you forget the Master password and did not save the recovery key? The sure sign of a reliable E2EE file-storage medium is that there should be no “backdoors” to gain access, even for someone with the company account. This means you can’t afford to be careless about the master password or recovery key. Save it somewhere you can remember easily.

Having said this, I was slightly disappointed by the absence of a two-factor authentication or biometric access feature. This would have greatly complemented the master password.

Nordlocker Encrypted Storage Features

As soon as you log in with your master password, you will be greeted by multiple options. To start using this tool, first create an empty locker.

Nordlocker Empty Locker 1

Creating a locker just takes a few seconds. You can create and view multiple lockers with NordLocker. They will be saved in separate locations on your PC.

Nordlocker Creating Locker 1

The NordLocker dashboard is minimal, and I really enjoyed the “dark theme.” It’s easier on the eyes compared to some popular cloud tools which can be brighter than unicorns. Moving the files around this spartan interface is an absolute delight.

Nordlocker Locker Homepage 1

You can view the saved encrypted lockers in a well-defined PC location. Nothing but the NordLocker master password will decrypt those files. That privacy feature alone is worth the current NordLocker subscription price.

Nordlocker Exported Locker 1

There are still more advanced features which will greatly enhance your overall experience.

Advanced Features

Do you have a lot of data stored in OneDrive? NordLocker allows you to simply create a new locker there and treat that cloud location as your virtual encrypted hard disk. Remember to “copy” files and not “move” them if you don’t want the information to be erased from your computer.

Nordlocker Copy Files From Onedrive 1

Likewise, NordLocker also allows you to move files to a secure locker in Dropbox. For this, you will have to connect the two accounts, which can be done from the NordLocker dashboard.

Nordlocker Dropbox Access 1

Here is what an exported locker to Dropbox looks like. The data can now only be decrypted by you or someone whose user account has permission to access that specific locker.

Nordlocker Dropbox Exported Locker 1

You can upload as much data as you want from NordLocker to your secure Dropbox account. At the moment of writing, it does not support Google Drive, Box, and a few other popular cloud services.

Nordlocker Uploading Locker Dropbox

From the NordLocker dashboard, you can provide access to other users’ lockers. (For a specific locker only – hands off with the rest of your data!) Once they receive an email, they will have to create a NordLocker account to view the files. That is why the free basic 2 GB storage plan is necessary.

Nordlocker Add User Access 1

NordLocker has a helpful feature to search for sensitive files on your PC which have to be moved to the locker.

Nordlocker Searched Sensitive Files 1

Pricing and Final Notes

For such a useful, safe file encryption software, which is absolutely free for up to 2 GB data, the premium prices are also a steal. At the moment, it will cost you $1.00 per month for an annual subscription. You can store as much data as you want in the unlimited data encryption facility. They also have an option to pay using cryptocurrency.

Nordlocker Go Premium Benefits 1

File encryption is a surefire way to ensure your data does not fall into the wrong hands. With NordLocker’s ease of use and confidentiality features, you will not have any trouble moving your private files around. Based in Panama, the company is firmly outside the “Fourteen Eyes.” The client-side safe file encryption covers all the security gaps.

Have you used NordLocker before? How was your experience with this product? Please share it with us in the comments.

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