What do You Think of Microsoft’s Plans to Not Release New Versions of Windows?

Microsoft announced recently that after it releases Windows 10, there won’t be any more new “versions” of Windows. As we pointed out in an earlier article, surely this doesn’t mean they are discontinuing the OS. There has to be some other plans under foot. What do you think of the plans to not release new versions of Windows?

Microsoft is saying that instead of new versions, Windows will be improved through continuous incremental updates. As was pointed out in the earlier article, Microsoft is saying that Windows “will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner.” It’s being suggested that this means that either you will have to pay a subscription fee to receive the updates or they will be completely free, as Mac version releases are. For some reason, they are flip-flopping their previous business model. Without paid versions, the company will lose out on that income, meaning they’re going to have to be making it up somehow.

What do you think of all this? Will you stick with Windows even if it means you’ll have to pay a subscription fee? Will you follow Microsoft through whatever it plans to do to Windows? Or will you jump ship to another another OS?

What do you think of Microsoft’s plans to not release new versions of Windows?

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