What do You Think of Microsoft’s Plans to Not Release New Versions of Windows?

Microsoft announced recently that after it releases Windows 10, there won’t be any more new “versions” of Windows. As we pointed out in an earlier article, surely this doesn’t mean they are discontinuing the OS. There has to be some other plans under foot. What do you think of the plans to not release new versions of Windows?

Microsoft is saying that instead of new versions, Windows will be improved through continuous incremental updates. As was pointed out in the earlier article, Microsoft is saying that Windows “will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner.” It’s being suggested that this means that either you will have to pay a subscription fee to receive the updates or they will be completely free, as Mac version releases are. For some reason, they are flip-flopping their previous business model. Without paid versions, the company will lose out on that income, meaning they’re going to have to be making it up somehow.

What do you think of all this? Will you stick with Windows even if it means you’ll have to pay a subscription fee? Will you follow Microsoft through whatever it plans to do to Windows? Or will you jump ship to another another OS?

What do you think of Microsoft’s plans to not release new versions of Windows?

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  1. To me it means absolutely nothing. Microsoft is trying to play catchup again. Linux has had “rolling release” distros for years. Microsoft going to a subscription model with its O/S will drive many users away to other O/Ss. This is probably a test balloon before Microsoft makes the users subscribe to ALL their software.

  2. I think any companies decision to start a SaaS when they started as a paid by version update company is a very stupid move. I personally am totally and completely serviced OUT! Unless I absolutely have to have the software, if it is SaaS I don’t even give it a second look. Take Adobe for example, my last version is CS6, and I will NOT climb on that CS band wagon for nobody! I am not alone here and Adobe, Microsoft and any other greed based company out there is going to lose in the market shares and that is a FACT!

    As for Windows on a whole lets face it, it is a dinosaur and there are better alternatives out there. We need to start getting back to the core, drop the bloat and take a closer look at Linux. I still use Windows for some things, but when I need speed, reliability and stability I will always turn my chair and face my Linux system. Hell for that matter, my Mac and coming from a long time Windows fan boy (can anyone else remember Windows 3.1? Hell DOS for that matter, loved that one!) I think that is saying something.

    1. “…can anyone else remember Windows 3.1?…” – Yes, I CAN. And I also remeber the ‘Win 286’ and ‘Win 386’ – experiments as well. That was, when I was trying out ‘DOSShell’ on MS DOS 4.01.
      I started my business on Win 3.11 and then was forced for long times to use M$- Crapware. I jumped off the sinking ship when they penetrated the world with ‘Vista’. I changed to the Penguin, and since ‘Hardy’ I’m on Ubuntu and Mint.
      I hope, one bright day M$ will decide to release NOTHING AT ALL.

      1. You just brought back some memories with that reply! Boy I am totally on board with MS disappearing, unfortunately that will not happen anytime soon! I suppose if we lived with enough tech savvy users we could but then if that was the case their stock would have already plummeted!

  3. Well, since about every other new version that Msoft comes out with is a lemon and a waste of money, maybe having them put out a single piece of crap and perpetually fixing it isn’t such a bad idea after all.

    The idea of having their customers continually pay for them to repair the results of their incompetence definitely rubs me the wrong way.
    But Msoft has always been expert at separating fools and money; why should they change now?

    1. The problem with that is even with the good versions they put out, they never fail to have borked updates every month without fail. So that proves what a total wreck that is going to be!

    2. “maybe having them put out a single piece of crap and perpetually fixing it isn’t such a bad idea after all”
      Hasn’t M$ been trying to fix Windows since Win 3.0?

  4. After trying to revert back to Windows 8.1 from 10 tech review and crashed my computer, not very hopeful it’ll be any better if they put more versions out.

  5. To give credit where it is due, you are talking bad about a beta app. That does not support the idea that MS is bad, because there is no promise that you can revert and in fact there has never been a version that offered a way to back out that I can recall? If you want to back out of a beta app the only way to do it right is to dump the computer and start over with the version you want. To note, 100% of all beta software does not add features for upgrade or rollback, so to blame MS for this only gives MS supporters the power to claim we don’t know what we are talking about!

  6. On a personal level I use Windows, Linux and OSX. On a corporate level we are mainly a MS shop and will probably be that for years to come, We do have some Linux mixed in, but for the most part it is Windows. That being said, a rolling release for MS will be a terrible thing in the server world. As for home use, I can see it being a decent thing, for the corporate world, not so much.

    It does really depend on how they decide to implement, more details are a must.

  7. Really, I don’t think it will be terrible, but I will stick with Windows 7 as long as I can. I am perfectly fine with it, and because of my Vostro 270S’s (Yes, that model does exist. Either that or my BIOS lies) low specs, I run older games such as Medieval II total war or Mount and Blade. Which, as far as I know, are not supported by Windows 10. Besides, stuff gets rearranged and it would be a pain in the neck learning a new OS.

  8. Oh! And if Windows 10 is easier, that is just contributing to the stupidity of humans as a race. Statistically we have been losing 1 IQ point a decade. These records date back to 1850. Operating systems that give our minds a challenge would make us slightly smarter.

    And yes, that supports DOS. (Which I find to be adorable, but moving files is much easier in Win 7)

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