Nizhi Bluetooth MINI Speaker with Heavy Bass and Light Effects

Nizhi Bluetooth MINI Speaker With Heavy Bass and Light Effects Giveaway

When it comes to purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, there are many sizes and styles to choose from. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal taste along with sound quality and budget. The Nizhi Bluetooth MINI speaker is one that delivers on quality, style, and budget.

We were given the opportunity to test one out for review, and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. Although it’s small in size, it provides very clear and loud sound. Plus, it comes with two cool effects: a super heavy bass effect that vibrates on a flat surface and an internal lighting effect; it’s like having a mini light show inside the speaker. You’ll see what I mean in the short video below.

Note: there is music playing in the video, so be sure that your volume isn’t up too loud.

What’s In the Box?

What's inside the Nizhi MINI speaker box?

The Nizhi MINI speaker comes with the speaker, micro-USB charging cable, a short audio cable, and user manual. That’s it.

Setup and Usage

The speaker doesn’t require any setup. All you have to do is take it out of the box, power it on (using the on/off switch) and then press the Bluetooth button. When you switch the speaker on, you’ll hear a voice over the speaker say “Power on,” letting you know that it’s working.

On/off switch on the Nizhi MINI speaker.

You’ll also want to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the device or computer you want to connect it to. The speaker will show up under Bluetooth devices as “SDY-001” or “SDY001.” You may also need to enter a password to connect (I didn’t). If you do, the password is “0000.”

Navigation buttons on the Nizhi MINI speaker.

Once connected to the speaker, you’re all set and ready to start listening to music or videos. Although the manual says that under Bluetooth mode the Previous, Next and Pause buttons won’t work, I had no issues with them on a Moto G smartphone.

I was able to successfully use the buttons to replay a song (previous button), skip a song (next button), pause and start back playing music, and turn the volume up/down by long pressing the previous and next buttons. Just know that some navigation buttons may not work on all devices/computers.

Other Features

A few other things you might like to know about this speaker.

  • The battery can last anywhere from three to eight hours; you should also be sure to fully charge it before using.
  • There is a micro SD card slot which allows you to play MP3 and WAV files on the card through the speaker.
  • It includes FM radio which can be accessed via the Mode button.
  • It has Line in, Line out and earphone jacks which allow you to use it for many other things as well (e.g. MP3 player, desktop computers, etc.)
Jacks and ports on Nizhi MINI speaker.

Final Thoughts

As I already stated above, the Nizhi MINI speaker has great sound quality for a speaker of this size. In comparison to two other Bluetooth speakers I have, it’s noticeably better. The volume also gets fairly loud and can easily be heard in the next room over.

Top view of Nizhi MINI speaker.

The super heavy bass effect is a nice touch. You can feel the speaker pulsating in your hands while holding it, and it also vibrates on a flat surface. The dancing colored lights are also cool to watch and look great in the dark. The speaker would be really nice to have on your nightstand while listening to some relaxing sounds to help you get to sleep.

If you could use a speaker like this for yourself, you’re in luck! Below you’ll have the chance to receive one for free.

Charnita Fance
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