Nintendo Switch Knockoff in Works, Powered by Android

Nintendo Switch Knockoff Featured

You know a product is white hot when there are two separate rumors surrounding it in one week. With existing rumors that we’ll see a Nintendo Switch Pro later this year, there is also a rumor that Qualcomm is working on a Nintendo Switch knockoff powered by Android. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Qualcomm’s Plans

Of course, with Qualcomm at the helm, this Nintendo Switch knockoff will feature a Qualcomm chipset. The plans include Snapdragon chipsets, according to an Android Police source.

Android Police also had the opportunity to see images of the not-final version of the Switch copycat. The site says it was clear that this new product was based on the Nintendo handheld. It had joycon-style controllers that detach from the unit, and the console resembles a bulkier phone.

Nintendo Switch Knockoff Qualcomm

Qualcomm believes the thermal headroom and bulkiness of the mobile will lead to a faster and more efficient game system. It’s also going to allow for a large 6000mAh battery with a quick charge technology. The company is working with a premium controller supplier to both design and manufacture the detachable controllers.

This handheld game console will have the capability to connect to a monitor or television. There will be expandable storage as well, with a micro SD card slot.

Nintendo Switch Knockoff Android

It will run on the latest Android, with a customized launcher and will also support apps from Google’s Play Store. Qualcomm hopes the Epic Games Store app will be ready on time. The thought is that Qualcomm may be favoring local play more than streaming because of the graphics capabilities of Qualcomm.


It doesn’t look like it will be ready to compete with the Nintendo Switch Pro, rumored for the 2021 holiday season. The knockoff will probably launch the following quarter. This would give it time to utilize the next generation of Snapdragon, making exact capabilities unknown. However, Qualcomm is not looking to battle Nintendo and is reportedly just exploring the space.

The Nintendo Switch knockoff will be 5G ready, but it’s unknown if a WiFi-only model will be available.

Qualcomm is eyeing a $300 price, making it the same as the current Switch and under the expected price of the Pro. It’s not clear, though, what the knockoff’s $300 will include. The hope is to see it on store shelves as well as attached to 5G carriers.

Read on to learn more about the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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