5 Games for Nintendo Switch with Long Completion Times

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You’ve probably experienced it before: you spend your hard-earned money on a new game with hopes it will keep you entertained for weeks. Instead, you tear through it in a few hours and have nothing left to do!

Fortunately, there are games that take a long time to truly beat. These either have very long stories, or they have plenty of content for you to sink your teeth into. We’ll be using stats from How Long to Beat as a standard for how long these games are.

Let’s explore the best Switch games with long completion times.

1. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Long Switch Monster
  • Main story: 80.5 Hours
  • Main + Extras: 150 Hours
  • Completionist: 387 hours

While the PC, PS4, and Xbox One are all enjoying Monster Hunter World and its expansion Iceborne, the Switch has been left behind due to its lack of power. That doesn’t mean it can’t also join in on the Monster Hunter fun, as the 3DS game Generations was ported over in its entirety.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate has a ton of single-player content for you to hunt through. If that’s not enough, the game has a separate quest progression for multiplayer so you can enjoy hunting with friends. Once you’ve beaten all of that, you can take on the deviant monsters, which are more dangerous versions of existing monsters.

Because Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a collection of all the past Monster Hunter games, you’ll find a lot of monsters and content for you to work through. Try the demo, and if you like it, prepare to spend a lot of hours on this game.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Long Switch Witcher
  • Main Story: 51 hours
  • Main + Extras: 102 hours
  • Completionist: 173 hours

One of the best modern-day RPGs released, The Witcher 3 surprised people when a Switch port was announced. While its beautiful scenery is best witnessed on a PC, you can still enjoy this amazing game on the go with your Switch.

The Witcher 3 has a lot of content to dive into. You can follow the main story or get involved with the many side-quests on hand. You can even forget all of that and play some rounds of Quent, the in-universe card game.

3. Octopath Traveler

Long Switch Octopath
  • Main Story: 60 hours
  • Main + Extras: 77 hours
  • Completionist: 102 hours

Octopath Traveler is a love letter to the old RPGs of yore while also giving it a modern twist. As you can see from the art style, Octopath Traveler has the traditional character sprites of early Final Fantasy games while also presenting them in a 3D world that perfectly straddles traditional and revolutionary.

That’s not even to mention the content within. It’s called “Octopath” because you’ll be exploring eight different stores, each one focusing on one of your eight party members. As such, you’ll need all your members leveled up and ready to go, which means a lot of content exploration to get them up to speed.

4. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition

Long Switch Dragon
  • Main Story: 55.5 hours
  • Main + Extras: 87.5 hours
  • Completionist: 126 hours

The Dragon Quest series has flown under the radar in the West, always hiding under the shadow of the Final Fantasy series. With the eleventh entry in the series, however, Dragon Quest XI has finally made an impact on the Western world, even if it has a title as long as its story!

Dragon Quest has all the traditional touches of Japanese RPGs, while also giving everything a modern lick of paint. If you prefer the old days, however, there are portions that are rendered in 16-bit to appeal to the NES and SNES gamers.

5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Long Switch Phoenix
  • Main Story: 59.5 hours
  • Main + Extras: 67.5 hours
  • Completionist: 71 hours

What better way to ensure a lot of content than to purchase a collection? Phoenix Wright games are long by themselves, so a trilogy of them is sure to take up your time.

The Phoenix Wright series has you play as the titular character as you try to solve crimes and find the true culprit. The game takes a lot of liberties with the law system, and you’ll find very colorful characters appearing in the courtroom. As such, Phoenix Wright hits the sweet spot between being a brain teaser and a genuinely fun game to play.

Making the Switch to Longer Games

If you have plenty of time on your hands, nothing’s worse than paying full price for a game with little content. Fortunately, there are Switch games available that will really give you your moneys-worth for length. If you are into online co-op games, here are some of the best online co-op games for Switch you should get.

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