New WordPress Plugin: WP Widget Changer

WordPress is really an excellent blogging software which anyone can just plug and play. It is easy to install and use and plenty of useful features to aid in anyone blogging needs. One of the great feature is its dynamic sidebar that allows you to add plenty of widgets with just a few clicks in the Admin page. Great as it is, there is an limitation: It is static throughout the blog. What appears on the front page will also appear on every single page. There is no way to configure which widget to appear on which page. If you are happy with a static sidebar, then this shouldn’t be a problem with you. However, if you want to show a specific ad on a specific post, then this will going to be a limitation to you.

What this plugin does?

The WordPress Widget Changer plugin adds a dynamic widget to your sidebar. You can configure it to show a specific widget for a specific page/post. In the front page, the dynamic widget will not show anything. There is only the static sidebar. However, when a specific page/post is loaded, the widget that you specified will also appear on the sidebar.

Benefit of this plugin?

This plugin allows you to micromanage your ad or the information that you want to show to your readers. You can now display a targeted ad to a specific post that you have written.

Update: This plugin is no longer available