What New Technology Would You Like to See Become Mainstream In 2015?

Another year has gone by and technology has again progressed quickly. The biggest trend last year seemed to be wearable devices. What technology will replace that in 2015? What new technology would you like to see become mainstream this year?

This is where it gets fun. This is where we get to wish for the technology advances that we’ve always wanted. There are so many choices. Perhaps you would like to see Google Car replacing a human-driven car. You could put your trust in Google transporting you around town and could focus on other things while it drives. Postal services have been struggling with the onset of social media and electronic messaging. Maybe they could solve their woes by having drones replacing mail carriers. Are you tired of thinking? What if a smart device could replace your brain and do all the hard work for you? After all, we’re partially there already. There are a lot of robots that could replace us and do our chores around the home. Maybe you’d like to see that to lighten up your load a little.

Is there a particular technology trend you’re looking forward to in 2015? Is there technology coming out that would excite you or make your life a little easier? What new technology would you like to see become mainstream this year?

Image Credit: Mark Doliner via Wikimedia Commons

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. I’d like to see bank vaults come stand with one of those fancy aluminum screen doors. :)

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