6 New Slack Features You Might Not Know About

Slack is growing like crazy. And it’s not hard to imagine why. So far, it’s the best team communication app out there. And if you’re reading this, you might already be using Slack.

It’s not just the Slack users that keep growing. It’s Slack itself. They’ve been adding a lot of new features over the past six months, and it’s possible you might have missed some.

Also, if you’re still not sure about switching to Slack, the guys over at Crew made a great website called Slack vs HipChat that should help you decide.

For someone who uses Slack all the time, Do Not Disturb is pure bliss. Much like DND on your iPhone, Slack snoozes notifications whenever you want. You can enable DND mode by clicking the bell icon from the sidebar and selecting the time or typing the /dnd command. Now all your teammates can keep sending you stuff, and you can get to them the next morning.


And here’s the best thing, It’s already enabled automatically from 10 PM to 8 AM in your timezone, but you can change the default time if you want. Once the DND time is done, you’ll get a notification of all the things you missed.

There’s also an emergency mode that allows your teammates to push through a notification, but only if it’s really important.

One thing Slack always lacked was a capable document editor. I hated going to Google Docs just because I wanted to create a document. While the new document editing features are nowhere near as close, they’re a far cry from the previous versions.


Now, when you click the “+” button and select “Create Post,” a new window will pop up and you can start typing. Slack supports Markdown, though half-heartedly. You can format text using the popup bar and drag in images. Once you’re done, share it to whichever channel you want. Your teammates are free to edit the document, but there are no real collaboration features available yet.


Bots and integrations have always been Slack’s mojo. But they felt like they were hacked together. Now Slack is making it official with the Botkit. There’s a whole new Slack Platform. Slack is it itself investing $80 million in a fund for Slack bot startups. It has also made a new Slack App Directory where you can check out all the great bots that will help you improve your team’s productivity.

This isn’t as exciting as it sounds. You can’t yet do video calls from Slack (I hope that’s coming soon), but you can initiate Skype calls with your teammates that will then open directly in the Skype app. To do this, you’ll first need to integrate Skype. More on that here.

Every Slack user knows that there’s no GIF party like a Slack GIF party. And now Slack is doing even more to help you do silly stuff with your teammates. Sure, you could easily drop in GIFs before, but now you can turn them into memes. You can add captions and effects to GIFs or images using this simple command.

Slack is full of “/” commands. We’ve already told you about the /feed command. The /remind command works very much like your own little reminders app. Say “/remind me to check the kettle in 5 minutes,” and Slack wI’ll show a notification.


Slack has decided that this power should be unleashed on literally everyone. You can now tag people and even channels, and Slack will send a notification to that person or the channel. Of course, use this power wisely.

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