5 New iOS and Android Games to Look Forward to in 2019

2019 has arrived, and with it comes the promise of a whole world of new games to look forward to. With the underlying hardware and software behind mobile platforms and games always moving forward, we can expect a growing number of new iOS and Android games that continue to defy expectations about what’s possible to play in the palms of our hands.

And what better way to celebrate that than by writing a list of the most promising new mobile games coming out this year? Here are our top five that you should keep a very close eye on in 2019.

Platforms: iOS, Android

After all these years mobile platforms are still lacking a truly definitive first-person shooter. Yes, you can point to Fortnite or PUBG Mobile, but those games are ports and will always be inferior to their console and PC counterparts. PayDay: Crime War, meanwhile, is a dedicated mobile game that’s been years in the making, and looks very promising.


Following the premise of the main PayDay series, Crime War tasks one team of players with robbing a bank, while the other team is a SWAT squad trying to defend it. It’s fast-paced yet tactical, pitting two teams of four against each other across several meticulously-designed maps with various objectives for you to complete.

Platforms: iOS, Android

There’s always going to be a frisson of excitement whenever an Elder Scrolls game is announced, even if that game is a relatively linear free-to-play mobile game like this. Blades is more combat-focused than your typical Elder Scrolls but still looks like it captures the impressive visuals and twinkling ambiance that the mainline series is renowned for.


Combat looks satisfying and impactful, with different swipes executing different attacks and spells. Interestingly, it will be playable both horizontally and vertically, making it suited to casual one-handed swiping on commutes as well as more involved widescreen sessions. But the question remains: without a vast open world to explore, can it really capture that special “Elder Scrolls” feeling?

Platforms: iOS, Android

The roguelite structure, where death is permanent, yet skills and upgrades can carry over across multiple games, is a great fit for mobile gaming. Even though Bad North will be a PC port, the game’s condensed take on real-time tactics and pretty minimal visuals should make the jump over to iOS and Android a smooth one.


It’s a tough little game, casting you as the lord of a small island that’s being attacked from all sides by hordes of vikings. Be prepared for some split-second strategising and frantic maneuvering to prevent your island from being pillaged by the vicious rabble.

Platforms: iOS, Android

With Pokemon GO developer Niantic at the helm of a game set in one of the most beloved fictional worlds of all time, Wizards Unite feels like a surefire recipe for success. It’s going to be an Augmented Reality game (of course), pitting you against creatures from the Harry Potter  and Fantastic Beasts universes during a dimension-blending event known as ‘The Calamity’


Based on what we’ve seen, we know that you’ll be able to cast spells and chase around Golden Snitches as you wander around the world looking for all kinds of magical secrets. Whether you play it or not, expect to hear a whole lot more about a game that seems destined to be one of the gaming phenomena of 2019.

Platforms: iOS, Android


The obligatory Battle Royale representative on this list, H1Z1 may not enjoy the success of its genre rivals on major platforms, but still offers a fun twist on the Last-Man-Standing formula. You parachute down onto an island with up to four teammates and try to survive in an ever-shrinking game space filled with rival teams out to blow you away. It’s not as realistic as PUBG, yet not quite as chaotic and colourful as Fortnite either, offering something in-between that may just find its own audience.

Which games are you most looking forward to on iOS and Android in 2019? Have we missed anything vital or included anything silly? Let us know in the comments!

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