New iPhone Users Will Get Warned After Non-Apple Screen Replacements

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Are you the owner of a new iPhone 11? Shiny, new phones are always great, aren’t they? They look so beautiful and have fun new features. And by getting a new phone just after its release, there’s extra enthusiasm to be part of the excitement.

This news will bring you back down a little bit. Apple has just issued a warning and didn’t bother to tell anyone before they leapt in to buy the iPhone 11. You’ll be warned, or rather reprimanded, if you use a non-authorized service to replace your screen.

Apple’s Warning

At some point almost all of us have suffered from a cracked phone screen. After the initial sorrow of cracking it, there’s some acceptance with the thought that you can live with the crack, as you don’t want to go through the replacement process. But inevitably, the crack gets worse, and it gets hard to see the information on the phone.

This leads you to seek a business to replace your screen. You can go to Apple, but that can be expensive, and there isn’t always an Apple Store or authorized service center close to you. For that reason, there are small stores and mall kiosks that offer quick, cheap screen replacements. They seem like lifesavers in the moment.

Apple is cracking down, pun intended, on the use of the small shops. Starting with the iPhone 11, you will get a disruptive reprimand and warning on your phone if you replace the screen by anyone other than Apple, an authorized service provider, or a certified technician.

In a support article, Apple explains that unauthorized technicians “might not follow proper safety and repair procedures” and that it “could result in improper function or issues with display quality or safety.”

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They claim that their “displays are designed to fit precisely within the device. Additionally, repairs that don’t properly replace screws or cowlings might leave behind loose parts that could damage the battery, cause overheating, or result in injury.”

After replacing the iPhone 11 screen by a third-party repair, you will receive a message that reads,”Important Display Message. Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display. Learn more.”

Additionally, you’ll get a warning pinned to your locked screen for four days after a repair.

The Cost

You can get an iPhone screen replaced for under $100 at a pop-up shop or kiosk. However, Apple will charge you $199 to replace an iPhone 11 display, $279 for an iPhone 11 Pro display, and $329 for an iPhone 11 Pro Max display. If you have an AppleCare+ plan, it’s only $29, but the plan is a one-time fee of $199 or $9.99 per month for two years, and after that time, you’re no longer covered.

Apple has never liked third-party repair, and tinkering of your machines and devices has often invalidated warranties. This new warning looks like more of the same. And, of course, there’s no sense in having a beautiful phone with a cracked screen. It traps users. While they can just put up with the warnings, if everyone does that, Apple will probably take stricter measures to prevent the third-party repair.

Did you buy an iPhone 11? How do you plan to handle the warnings if you crack your screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Damn cheek, intrusion and interference!! Typical Apple – sticking their collective noses in where they’re not wanted. It’s only sour grapes that they haven’t done the repair and charged a king’s ransom for it. Once again, are we not in charge of something we purchased? Why should we have to put up with a “scolding” notice, if the phone has been repaired elsewhere? Actually, wouldn’t have an iphone if you paid me – so there!

  2. How does Apple know the screen has been replaced? Why does Apple charge so much for a less than a $100 repair. sounds like Apple likes to gouge its customers.

    The problems listed in the article could also occur with an Authorized Apple repair as well as other repair shops, no guarantee that all the screws are restored to the proper position. It is possible a non-authorized shop might be even more careful than an apple shop.

  3. “You’ll be warned, or rather reprimanded, if you use a non-authorized service to replace your screen.”
    Yes. How DARE you take the caviar and champagne out of Apple management’s mouths???!!! Do you want to force them to eat common food and rive Chevys rather than Porsches?

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