New Ebook: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Ubuntu 16.04


Long before Ubuntu 16.04 was set to go live, we had already started to prepare this ebook. And now, I am really proud to announce that our new ebook The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Ubuntu 16.04 is now live.

In this ebook we have covered everything you need to know about Ubuntu, including where to download the ISO file, installation, using and navigating Unity Desktop, and customizing the OS.

There is a total of eight chapters, each divided into several more sub-chapters, and a total of ninety-three pages.

Here’s an overview of the Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Ubuntu
  • Chapter 2. Getting Started
  • Chapter 3. Installing Ubuntu
  • Chapter 4. Using Ubuntu and Unity Desktop
  • Chapter 5. Basic Ubuntu Maintenance
  • Chapter 6. Ubuntu Flavors
  • Chapter 7. Learning About Where to Get Support When Using Ubuntu
  • Chapter 8. Closing Thoughts

Who is this ebook for?

We won’t bluff you by saying this ebook is for everyone. In fact, it is not.

If you are already a power Linux (or Ubuntu) user, then obviously this ebook is not for you. If, however, you are looking to switch from Windows or Mac OS X to Linux and wanted to give Ubuntu a spin, this ebook will be handy for you.

ebook format

The ebook is in pdf, epub and mobi format, so you will be able to read the book from almost any device.

Is it free?

Seriously, we really hoped to give it away for free. But considering the intensive amount of work we put into it and the cost we have to pay to maintain this site, we have to charge for it. It is currently priced at US$9.

Get it now!

Do stay tuned, as we will bring more news and announcements on what we have been busy with for the past few months.


  1. Would this book apply to Kubuntu as well? I installed Kubuntu on a laptop about a week ago and am going through the learning process. If I can get through it, I will say goodbye to the other guys. Right now my biggest issue is getting Windows apps to run and getting the printer to work correctly. The terminal is a challenge as well. I’m willing to pay some for my education but I need to know I am going to learn what I need. Thanks.

    1. This ebook is meant for the Unity desktop, so it won’t apply to Kubuntu. We are working on another ebook for the KDE desktop though. Will keep you updated if you are interested.

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