How Do You Know When It’s Time for a New Desktop/Laptop?

Apple just released a couple of new laptops and features, but there isn’t really much to get excited about in their announcement. It really doesn’t do much to inspire you to want to run out and order a new MacBook Pro.

But why do you decide to buy a new desktop computer or laptop? What makes you say that’s it. It’s time to bite the bullet and just buy it. Why do you go hit the store or place an order online? Is your existing machine just beyond repair? Has it just become too difficult to work with? Or do you just want to get your hands on the hot new model that was just released?

Take the quiz below and let us know why you decide to buy a new desktop or laptop. If your reason isn’t mentioned, chime in in the comments below and let us know why you replace your desktop computers or laptops. And if you have a good story on the last time you had to replace a computer, let us know that, too!

How do you know when it’s time for a new desktop/laptop?

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